iOS Apps Now Free: DataMan Next, Mix on Pix, Candy Camera

iOS Apps Now Free: DataMan Next, Mix on Pix, Candy Camera on Freepps Top Blog

If you’re an active user of the Play Store, you may know that once in a while certain applications become free for a limited time period. It is an excellent opportunity for the developers to make their apps more popular, and for users – to save their money. Here are some of the most interesting apps that have just become free. Hurry up before these awesome deals are over!


1. DataMan Next

Keeping track of data on your device is easy with DataMan Next

DataMan Next is a simple user-friendly application that allows you to keep track of your data usage without any unnecessary steps. The information is presented in a clear way so that you know whether you have some space left on you device the second you look at your screen. It provides you with a forecast that tells you whether you’re going to stay within the data cap. All the statistics become available from your device without any delays, so it is definitely a great application to have. 


2. Mix on Pix

Mix on Pix allows you to edit your images easily and quickl

This application called Mix on Pix allows you to add a number of things to your pictures, including quotes, artworks, texts, handwriting, and others. With the help of this app, you can easily turn your plain images into something exciting and personal. You can easily draw and write directly on the photos, which can be useful for making notes on the map or anywhere else you may need. If you share you photos on the Internet, it’s always a good idea to put watermarks on them, and this app gives you such opportunity. There are many ways how you can use this app, and it all depends on how creative you want them to be.


3. Candy Camera

Candy Camera helps you adjust and edit your pictures without any troubles

The Candy Camera app is an excellent photo editor that allows you to customize your images using different effects and cool features. Some of the effects available in Candy Camera include retro, analog, light leak, and others. You can either take a picture and the effect will be applied in real-time or edit it later. Using the app, you can share the photos on popular social platforms or via email. It’s certainly a handy application to have on your device if you enjoy improving your photos before sharing them with others online.


Install the applications while they’re free


We know that it’s not always possible to follow all the apps that become free, which is why we carefully select the ones that you may find useful. The apps on the list are excellent examples of simple yet efficient apps that allow you to achieve a number of goals whether they’re editing your photos, tracking the data, or creating a quick movie. We recommend you to install the apps before you have to pay for them.

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