iOS ​Apps To Download for Free This Weekend

iOS ​Apps To Download for Free This Weekend on Freepps Top Blog

b3bcfd2d51923e66a2787add11303a540492038e9e6b0570de Staying alert about apps gone free is well worth the wait but not the price as there is none. Check out our latest selection of werewolf apps-turned-free for this coming weekend. 

Camera Roll Cleaner

Most of the time you need more than one shot to take a good picture (some of the tips on taking better pictures can be found here), and it often leaves you with a swarm of identical pictures in your feed, depriving your phone of vital storage. Removing them manually is sure a solution, but it is tedious and takes time. Fortunately, there is an app to take this dishwashing-like burden off your shoulders, and the name says it all - Camera Roll Cleaner.

Camera Roll Cleaner makes it easy to free up your storage as you can remove the unwanted pics with a single swipe, with left for Delete and right to Keep. Once you’re done, just tap the Trash icon to confirm that you’re serious about not keeping them. The app will notify you about the amount of storage freed up by this simple sequence.


Modern life is all about meeting deadlines, and not necessarily ones that arise from your office. Sure, there’s a swarm of note-taking apps and to-do lists - and you can check out our personal preferences here, but not all of them combine simplicity and productivity. Done is an app that claims the one to combine the best of both worlds, and such assertions are backed by solid 5-star ratings on the App Store. 

The list of checks all the usual boxes for an app like this, but what Done considers to be the stronger side is the ease of it all. What you can do is create notes, voice memos, reminders sorted by time location, attach media, organize your notes with a tap or two and be updated about upcoming tasks as there is a handy widget included.


For some of us photos are just not cutting it anymore, so gifs are the new trend to set our sights on. GifLy is a straightforward app that makes creating GIFs easier than ever, with only one point worth noting - you can only use iPhone 6s with Live Photos to get your gifwork straight. Hopefully, the app will soon be available for older devices as well as it is quite fun to use, and sharing original GIFs online has never been easier.

Make sure to grab these slick apps while the offer is still here!


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