iOS Games Gone Free: Race, Make Your Pace, and Fight in Space

iOS Games Gone Free: Race, Make Your Pace, and Fight in Space on Freepps Top Blog

The beginning of May starts with a whole batch of simple yet attractive games gone free though for time limited. Today fans of different kinds of games can find something to their taste, from retro shooters to modern mobile quests.

Space Cadets Star Fighter

Space Cadets Star Fighter

If you feel a bit nostalgic about those top-down scrolling shooters of the 1980's, there’s something to soothe your scars. Space Cadets is a stern shooter where you control a destroyer starship and smash all in your way. 

On the first level, there are only asteroids to avoid and bonuses to catch. Then here come wings to destroy, and you have to attack them before they do you.

There are some differences from classic shooters. For example, you can’t shoot endlessly as you run out of charge. You have to reload your guns periodically by catching bonuses.

Yes, the obvious and annoying Star Wars allusions here are, young Padawan. For your help the Force here is, the Empire ships to you familiar are, and in a game far, far away you happen to be. But it’s a part of the 1980s aesthetics as well as the game itself.

The game is optimized both for iPhone and iPad. But on the iPad,  controls with a virtual joystick seem to work better and stay off your main screen where the action takes place.

Impulse GP - Super Bike Racing

Impulce GP

The highly-praised motorbike arcade goes free! If you like those breath-catching stunts, wild speed, rollercoaster-like dangerous tracks and hard competition, this game is just for you. It’s a beautifully drawn motorbike race that doesn’t pretend to be photorealistic, but brings you the impression of a luxuriously drawn animated world.

You drive your bike through tricky tracks, and that’s all we can say in common. Online competition and racing against time, new achievements and futuristic landscapes, great graphics and smooth racing even on rather old devices! We have tried this game on a good old iPad 2 that has become a reference old device, and it runs smoothly.

By the way, you can use your Apple TV for playing, using your iOS device as a wireless controller. The large screen will enhance your experience incredibly!

Though Impulse GP has become free, it still offers in-app purchases that will give you some advantage on the track.

Letters from Nowhere® HD (Full)

Letters from Nowhere

Is a quest game worth buying? For free, it certainly is! Letters from Nowhere is a story about a woman named Audrey, who has found her husband missing and now tries not to lose herself. At this crucial moment, the mysterious letters begin to arrive from who knows where…

94 MB seems quite a small size for a beautifully drawn quest, but this time, it’s enough. The designers did their best to fit the whole game into this relatively small volume, and it looks cool even on Retina screens.  

There are mini games embedded into the basic one, and your main mission is a bit more complicated than just finding items on the messy screen though it’s still the base of the game. The plot will lead you through 11 episodes down to the great mystery.

A great thing for quest freaks: the game is translated into all most popular languages, so even not a native English speaker can enjoy Letters from Nowhere.

And yes, if you like this game, you may try the sequel, but it still remains paid.

All the games reviewed have been checked as available for free on Friday, May 6th, 10 AM GMT.

But we can’t guarantee they won’t turn paid again any time after. So again, hurry up to install them.

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