iPad Apps Now Free: 9 Clues, AZZL, Special Enquiry Detail, Merc

iPad Apps Now Free: 9 Clues, AZZL, Special Enquiry Detail, Merc on Freepps Top Blog

Nowadays, there are thousands of apps available for iOS devices – some of them are more expensive while others are quite cheap. These particular applications that we offer on the list have just become free! If you enjoy spending your downtime playing games on your iPad, you may find that these apps are just what you needed. It’s possible that these apps will not be free forever, so download them now while they are.

1. 9 Clues: The Secret Serpent of Creek

Exciting and mysterious locations of 9 Clues

Your goal in this exciting game is to save your journalist friend Helen who went missing in the town of Serpent Creek. The last time you talked to her on the phone, she was frightened by some things that she discovered in the town and asked you to come. Once you arrived in Serpent Creek, you see that the town is filled with snake-like humanoid creatures and people are sleepwalking. To find Helen, you have to solve puzzles and examine various locations to get clues as to what happened to your friend. It’s a great game with 53 locations and 13 mini-games and puzzles that will keep you occupied for some time. If you want to play detective, then you should definitely install this game on your device.


Quirky and bright cartoon characters in the AZZL puzzle game

Another free iOS app on our list is AZZL, which is a bright and fun puzzle game. The application will be exciting for both adults and children thanks to its fun little challenges and cartoon characters. The artwork of the app is absolutely beautiful, so the game is just a joy to play. It’s definitely one of those games that can put you in a cheerful mood and instantly make you less bored.

3. Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds

Amazing realistic locations in Special Enquiry Detail game

Special Enquiry Detail is the game for those who enjoy criminal investigations. The characters of the game, detectives Lamonte and Turine, have to find a murderer of the charity fundraisers’ daughter. Your task is to help them examine the clues and investigate the suspects. The game offers you 30 locations, 12 exciting chapters, and 25 fun mini-games. It’s certainly quite a thrilling and engaging game for all the people who enjoy investigations. The game is also available in a number of languages.

4. Merc

Develop the strategies of selling commodities in Merc

Merc, which stands for “mercantile exchange,” is a commodity trading game. To win this game, you have to develop the strategies, get rich by being smarter than your competitors, and become the leader of the commodity market. The game offers you a number of features, including Margin Call, Pro Mode, and Bank. You can play the game against random opponents or your friends. Moreover, you can choose the level of difficulty that you feel comfortable with.

Exciting iPad Games Now for Free

Every day some of the applications available in the App Store become free, thus giving you a chance to explore different apps without spending your money. These fun iOS games feature a lot of entertaining levels and characters that will help you forget about your boredom for good. Solve the puzzles, develop strategies, and become the winner! 

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