iPhone Apps Gone Free: CLZ Comics, Slopes, Paint Kid Pro, Tico

iPhone Apps Gone Free: CLZ Comics, Slopes, Paint Kid Pro, Tico on Freepps Top Blog

It’s hard to keep up with new applications appearing every single day, but finding out which ones have recently become free is a perfect way to learn about new apps and try them out safely. These are four apps that can currently be downloaded for free, so don’t miss your opportunity. It should be noted that these apps may not be free forever, so don’t hesitate if you find them interesting.

1. CLZ Comics

Simple way to find out the information about comic books in CLZ Comics

The first application on the list is targeted at those who enjoy comic books. The CLZ Comics app gives you an opportunity to organize your comic book collection. You can use it to download cover art, information about characters, creators, etc. All you have to do is either scan the barcodes on your comic book using your camera or manually enter the title or series. Also, you can create the wish list of the comic books you want to purchase in the future.

2. Slope Track

Getting valuable information on your winter trip is easy with Slope Tracker

If you’re a fan of skiing or snowboarding, this application is set to become your best friend. The Slope Track app allows you to determine at which speed you descend, monitor the difference in altitude, and even help you avoid the dangers on the way. Moreover, the app can be used to view the weather details and potential snow before your exciting winter activities. Also, Slope Track offers you emergency numbers, first aid instructions, and coordinates of the location.

3. Paint Kid Pro

Colorful and bright interface of the Paint Kid Pro

As you can tell by the name, Paint Kid Pro is an excellent painting application created for children. You can use it to occupy your little kids and give them a chance to easily doodle on your iPhone or iPad. It’s not always possible to carry the actual pencils with you wherever you go, and this app can become a great alternative. A cool thing about the app is that you can download certain photos so that your kids can draw on them.

4. Tico

 Convenient monitoring of transactions using the Tico app

Tico is an app designed to help you keep track of the transactions on your credit card. The app is based on the principle of noticing your spending patterns and thus being able to determine when something is not right. The transactions are color-coordinated: red (suspicious), yellow (warning), and blue (normal). With Tico, you will be able to find out why a certain transaction was marked as suspicious and quickly take the needed action.  

Have fun with free apps

All the applications on the list are well-designed and extremely easy to use. Depending on what your interests and needs are, you can try our one or several apps or recommend them to the friends that you think might enjoy them. Remember that the applications may stop being free at any moment, so don’t waste your time. 

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    5 years ago
    CLZ Comics is such an interesting application! I think i'm gonna download it for the future using
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    5 years ago
    Paint Kid pro is a really funny app. My little sisters are always painting here and sometimes I do it too.
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