iPhone Apps Now Free: Cutie Mini Monsters, Perch, Drift

iPhone Apps Now Free: Cutie Mini Monsters, Perch, Drift on Freepps Top Blog

Discovering new apps is always an exciting process, but seeing their prices is not that much fun. Here we have selected the best apps that have just gone free so that you’re able to try them out without having to spend your money. But, you should also remember that they may be free for only a short period of time, so don’t lose your opportunity.

1. Cutie Mini Monsters

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All parents know that sometimes you desperately need to entertain the kids in order to distract them, especially when traveling. It’s always nice when children can also learn something while playing. The Cutie Mini Monsters is a great app for the little ones who are just learning to count. The app offers you several fun monsters that will help children learn the numbers in the most entertaining way. Simple jigsaw puzzles in combination with interactive counting will definitely be fun and useful for children.

2. Perch

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Perch is an application created to help you virtually connect with your team of colleagues if you happen to work in different office spaces, but need to stay in touch. The application offers you a range of smart features that enable all the members of the team to feel like they are in the same office regardless of the time zone or an actual location. This type of communication is a lot more natural and synchronized as opposed to occasional conference calls and scheduled meetings. You can mount the device with Perch in the office to create something like a video portal between different spaces so that people can talk to each other at any moment. The videos always go two ways and are not recorded.

3. Drift

Planning your trips and saving the data is easy with the Drift app

Another great application on the list is called Drift. It is an elegant and simple app that will help you plan your travels. Moreover, the app can also be used for your everyday tasks. You can use the Drift application to quickly create a travel plan and set up the lists for one day or the future. By using the arrows, you can easily navigate through the streets to a nearby location. The information is saved in the history, and you can view which places you have visited and add the ones you’ve missed. Furthermore, the app can be used as a place to store the information, such as phone numbers, hours of operation, and directions to various places.

Fun and useful apps for iPhone users

The applications on the list have nice designs and are easy to use. If you are often around kids, enjoy traveling, or need to communicate with your colleagues in different cities, these apps are just what you need. You can simply install all the apps while they are still free and figure out later whether you find them useful or not. 

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