iPhone Lifehack: Listening To Dropbox Music While Offline

iPhone Lifehack: Listening To Dropbox Music While Offline on Freepps Top Blog

iOS users are frustrated because of the Apple’s today’s announcement about iTunes Radio. As you probably know, the service has been ditched by Apple on January, 29th in favor of $10 monthly subscription.

Thereby, the question of listening to favorite songs at no charge becomes extremely relevant for all those music-lovers, who are not going to buy that Apple Music subscription. That’s why we offer you to read about an alternative way via using the “Jukebox + Dropbox” app combination.

When Dropbox is a well-known cloud storage, not everyone has come across the Jukebox - do you remember those old-fashioned music machines?. This free application imports music files from the storage into your iOS mobile device, what allows listening to them without the Internet connection. 

Jukebox iOS App Screenshots

Managing the app isn’t a very difficult task:

  • Download both Jukebox and Dropbox if you don’t have the latter on your iPhone and install them.
  • Give the first one a permission to access the second app.
  • Launch the scanning of the Dropbox folder for finding audio files of MP3 and WAV formats.
  • Look through the list of songs the app offers you. Be ready to see only the title and the size of the files (later on this info will be available in the player). Then select the ones to be downloaded. Or choose all of them.

You can go anywhere you want without worrying about the lack of streaming channels.

Jukebox App in Action

The navigation within the player is rather easy and user-friendly one. The app allows searching for a song you need or to scroll through all of them sorted by song, artist, or album. Besides, creating various playlists for different moods and events would be an even greater idea. Moreover, you don’t have to activate your smartphone anytime you want to change the song or start another playlist - the Jukebox app offers Lock Screen controls for this purpose. 

Note: Inside the album, tracks will be ordered by alphabet and not by the original album order. 

Jukebox Player Screenshots

One more tip is to remove the downloaded files from the storage in order to get some free space on the Dropbox account. Still, you will lose them if you change your device or something goes wrong with it. 
Anyway, this “sweet app couple” is worth giving a try. The music player only takes about 13MB of space to install and is compatible with iOS 9.2+. What’s more, Jukebox is an ad-free app, and you will find it just below the article.

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