It`s New Again! Google Play Store Redesigned

It`s New Again! Google Play Store Redesigned on Freepps Top Blog

It seems like redesigning Play Market is one of Google’s favorite games. It’s got a completely new look that fits better both into Lollipop and Marshmallow environment.

The main new feature is the integration of all Google Play departments. Instead of six categories (separate for each class) it’s now organized into two main sections (“Games & Apps” and “Entertainment”). The first section contains apps and games (like the good old Google Play), and the second section is all about content. Entertainment is the common name for music, videos, books and newsstand.

There are also some minor UI changes. The buttons are reshaped, now they are round, not square. While searching looks almost like it used to, the frame contains a large section that displays Google-featured content as a banner carousel. The recommendations are generally based on your preferences and your previous searches. And of course, there’s still a search field up above for general searching purposes.

Exterior changes will not influence the contents. All apps, games, services, videos, music and books will still be available. It may cause some issues while getting used to it, but we are sure it won’t take long.

Google announced this redesigned version on October 15th and started rolling out this version of Play on October, 22nd. Gradually, it will be updated on all supporting devices. The time you get the updated version depends on many factors, from your device vendor up to your system’s language.

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  • p
    6 years ago
    Wow! It is really cool! I think, that Google Play changed at the better. I hope they will continue to grow
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