It's a Taboo: Huawei Gadgets Say Goodbye to Facebook

It's a Taboo: Huawei Gadgets Say Goodbye to Facebook on Freepps Top Blog

Due to the recent trade wars that sparked between the USA and China, the mobile manufacturer Huawei got under a heavy barrage of sanctions. American companies are forced to stop partnerships with Huawei, and Facebook isn't an exception.

In fact, the American ban was so massive that Huawei risks to lose rights to install the Android operating system on their devices. Facebook's position on the trade war is also dictated by US legislation. As a result, Huawei smartphones, tablets and phablets won't be allowed to have the pre-installed Facebook app, WhatsApp and Instagram.

However, things aren't as gloomy as they seem. Customers who purchased Huawei gizmos can install these apps manually — they cannot be reprimanded, let alone prohibited. And updates for these applications will come on schedule as well — Google Play Store will support this feature anyway.

Soon-to-be released gadgets are banned from pre-installing Facebook associated products. It is expected that this restriction will also erase Google Maps, Skype, YouTube and other popular services from Huawei devices.

As for now, Google possesses a temporary license which allows security updates for those Huawei devices that are already in use by customers. It isn't known if the upcoming units will receive the same updates once they leave the factory facilities in China. There's a good chance that G-corporation will follow Facebook's lead, being put under pressure by Trump's administration.

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