iTunes is Dead, Long Live Apple Music!

iTunes is Dead, Long Live Apple Music! on Freepps Top Blog

iTunes as an app seems doomed. On Mac it will be replaced by three various apps; Windows users still live with it, but probably not for long. But what about iTunes as a music store? As Eddy Cue, Apple’s Services VP, explains, Apple Music is slowly taking over. Streaming music seems much more attractive, and here are the figures.

Apple Music Popularity is Ever Growing

As Eddy Cue told in France recently, the number of Apple Music subscribers is growing constantly; now it’s over 60 million. The previous milestone, 50 million, was confirmed back in January. This number includes both paying subscribers and ones on trial period, but Apple has enough data to extrapolate, so the numbers are to be trusted.

One doesn’t need to have an iPhone or iPad to enjoy Apple Music. This app is available for OS X, for Windows (as a part of iTunes so far) and for Android as a standalone app. It’s one of the two apps by Apple available for Android, another being “Move to iOS” for switchers. If you remember that the post-Mac Apple started with iPods and iTunes, you’ll understand how important music is for the company.

Not only does Apple Music let its subscribers stream anything from its library and cache audios for offline listening. It also features its own online radio stations with curated playlists, the most popular being Beats-1. Its audience is in the tens of millions, as the company recently revealed.

iOS 13 Brings New Horizons

There will be further innovations in Apple Music; for example, in iOS 13 users will easily access all the live lyrics, and the base is already available. It powers another feature that Apple TV users will appreciate more: karaoke mode. By the way, it’s another reason to purchase Apple TV if you don’t have it yet, though it’s equally good with the current version of iTunes.

Globally Apple Music still has fewer users than, say, Spotify with its 100-million audience. It has outrun Spotify at its home American market, traditionally loyal to Apple. In the USA, Apple mobile devices are much more popular than in the rest of the world; probably that’s why it was easier for Apple Music because users already have all the necessary apps.

It’s not so bright for Apple Music on Android. Being demanded as an auxiliary way to listen to music for those using both platforms, the service is eclipsed by Spotify, Pandora, or Google Play Music for Android users outside the Apple ecosystem. Probably that’s why Eddy Cue kept stats for Android secret.

So Long, iTunes

As for Apple ecosystem, Eddy also comments on iTunes being split in the next OS X. Though he loves iTunes he contributed so much into, he confesses, that he agrees that the standalone Apple Music is a better solution, improving user experience in every aspect. Those who installed its beta version can agree or disagree, but everything will get clear with the final release.

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