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In a number of situations, we would rather send someone a text message or an email than call them.

In fact, the message is a perfect quintessence of everything we want to say, delivering the most significant information, in the most cases. It is also a very convenient way of communication when an addressee or an addressee can’t pick up the phone at the moment.

Besides, instantly delivered messages allow notifying someone about something very urgent.

Still, not everyone can boast of high typing speed on a mobile device. This skill depends on multiple factors and a regular practice is a key one of them. However, the smartphone may also help cope with this task due to built-in tools, namely the shortcuts. They are especially helpful if you often type the same text (e.g., email address).

Tips for Android OS

You know your personal lexicon better than anyone else. So, you may save the encryption of the most frequently used long words and phrases. Just follow the way Settings→ Language and Input→ Personal dictionary and you’ll see a whole list made up from the words you’ve ever added to your dictionary. Despite the fact that it’s very intriguing, do not start to read it, because it’s a trap and this activity will kill a lot of your time.
The next step is tapping the “+” icon (at the top right corner, as a rule) and entering a word/phrase. Then you should write down its unique shortcut in a separate field and that’s it. So, it’ll be enough to type this abbreviation for the word/phrase to appear in a suggestions section.

iOS Shortcuts

Tips for iOS users

In general, the whole process is the same as for Google’s OS. The only thing being different is a way of finding the dictionary: Settings→ General→ Keyboard→ Text Replacement. Add as many shortcuts as you like. Just do not forget to save the newly-created ones.
Perhaps, one may think that all these settings take a lot of time, but it’s at a preliminary stage only. Further, you’ll be grateful for them. Otherwise, there are many specialized apps (both for iOS and Android) to choose from for performing this operation

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