Kik For Android Reviewed: Alive And KIK'ing!

Kik For Android Reviewed: Alive And KIK'ing! on Freepps Top Blog
Sending messages is an integral part of our everyday routine: some people do this just for fun, some are intended to transmit significant data, and for some it’s the most convenient way of keeping contact with family members and friends. What is more, third-party messengers steadily supplant the standard built-in ones. The reason is the latter can’t provide users with an ever-growing amount of opportunities for social bonding.
Every day more and more people choose Kik messenger as an alternative platform for personal communication. At the beginning of the current year, the total number of active users has crossed a 200-million point. It should be mentioned that Kik differs a little from other instant messages tools by the anonymity offered as an option for communication. 
Fill in the Appropriate Fields for Registration

Registration Requirements

Downloading the app from The Apps Depot and installing it isn’t enough for starting using it. At first, one has to register an account, filling in first and last names, username, email (it’s required for retrieving a password), and birthday. And that’s it – no telephone numbers and no other identification info. The username is a unique personal name, searching by which other people may find you. Be creative and generate something really interesting, because you won’t be able to change it later. 

Communication Strategies

Depending on your intentions, you may choose one of the following communication strategies: chatting with friends and other interesting people with an open account or chatting with others anonymously with an encrypted account.

In the first case, you can share your account details via social nets or other public services. The username may be also a recognizable one. Then you may let Kik search through your contact list to find other members of a community. Just remember that they will also get to know about your presence. 

Anyway, you may block any user; if you don’t want him or her contact you ever. Otherwise, you may create an account without any allusion to your personality and keep it in secret, sharing your username with your favorites only. Doing so, you’ll have to look for your friends manually. 
Request for Contacts Access

Chatting Tête-à-Tête and with Multiple Users

After sending a message to one of your friends, you don’t have to worry about its delivery and status as you’ll be informed of it. Users are also notified of a new message arrival. There are no characters or messages number limits. The only requirement is the application installed on a recipient’s smartphone.

Except texts, users have opportunities to share different types of attachments hidden under the “+” icon. There one will find:
  • Photos from one’s Gallery;
  • Immediate camera snaps;
  • Emoticons and GIFs; to activate search for the last group an emoticon with the relevant emotion;
  • Stickers;
  • YouTube videos (daily most viewed or others);
  • Handwritten sketches;
  • Newly-created memes on the basis of templates offered.
 Attachments Variations
Furthermore, due to the built-in browser, you can search for any image you need, using a keyword, without even leaving the app. Multiple languages are supported for the request. Any picture may be added to favorites for further faster access. Besides, users are also supposed to discover other browser pages to view the daily horoscope, checking the love match, swiping toilet paper, and so on. 

Creating a private group chat is also possible within the app. One may add from 2 to 50 participants for simultaneous chatting among them. Moreover, an author or an administrator of the group can give it a name, add a main picture, or remove people from it. Using #hashtags allows to find and join some public (or open) groups. 

Kik Team – A Funny Trainer

Every user has a pre-set contact called Kik Team. It’s a bot aiming to support you at the first stage of the app exploring. This is a great chance to train in sending messages with various attachments. What is more, you’ll get a response to each message!

In case you need help with Kik, just write a message with “I need help” text and it will redirect you to the app’s support web page. 

Safety Issues&Verdict

Some time ago, a drawback of Kik messenger appeared which caused a serious public response. It was about a very low level of safety and personal data preservation. In fact, any adult can create an account, pretending to be a teenager who’s searching for friends. 

Usually, kids do not have critical thinking and may possibly tell a malicious user a lot of personal and financial data, as well as share a very personal content in a form of videos or photos. And a lot of people did confirm the fact of asking their children for photo sharing from unknown contacts. Besides, there is no parental control and age verification - only 13+ age restriction for Android version and 17+ for iOS – strange enough, isn’t it?. So, it’s better to be careful with users you don’t know in person. 

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    5 years ago
    Oh, I've always dreamt about kik on android! I have an iphone and htc but kik used to be only on iOS. Now, when android's got kik, i think it will become even more popular among android users. Thank you, developers!
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  • H
    5 years ago
    I've recently installed the Kik messenger on my smartphone. This is a very handy app for messaging. I will continue to use it!
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