Kik For iOS Reviewed: Show Me Your (Old) Kicks

Kik For iOS Reviewed: Show Me Your (Old) Kicks on Freepps Top Blog
Today’s mobile messenger is much like a phone within your phone. It lets you chat, create group discussions, talk with your voice and even use video chats. The main difference between these messengers and a regular phone is pricing: The Internet turns out to be much cheaper than traditional phone services.

Yes, it’s good to use your number as a login. But what if you don’t want to show it? A nickname with an avatar, be it a real photo or some abstract picture would do for you. The ones you invite are the only ones to know your account and to talk to you.
Kik reminds us of good old ICQ or Yahoo! Messenger of late 1990s. Texting, texting, all about texting. The main focus of this app is free messaging. Yes, it’s free and unlimited.

As minimal as it gets

If you expect this messenger to flaunt modern multimedia features, you’ll be disappointed. Even in 2016 Kik developers don’t want to add voice or video calls or even voice messaging while most other messaging services have them ready for a long time. It’s not a bug to fix or a gap to fill; it’s the project’s position.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to find a better messenger if you need pure texting. Yes, Kik provides it for free, as much as you can type. And there are groups you can discuss anything. But finding interesting groups doesn't seem so easy.

Kik profile

No, you cannot scan your phone book and add all your friends who have Kik automatically. And no, you cannot share a large file (over 12 MB), attach your location. But if you exchange your Kik contacts face to face, it’s easy to do via Kik code. This feature looks like a circle shaped QR code.
One of you should run this feature on the phone while the other starts the same feature in scanning mode and scans the code from the screen. It's no NFC and it's rather awkward, but some people may find a certain pleasure in doing this.
Thats how you look for Kik

The developers decided not to keep messages history in the cloud. And yes, this way Kik resembles ICQ even more - after installing the client on another PC you had no access to messages you had sent and received on another device.

The limitations have its bright side as well. Kik doesn’t require much from your Internet connection and delivers your messages really fast.

There’s currently no plan of making a PC or Mac version.

The app is only available in it's iPhone-optimized version. Yes, you can run it on iPad, but it will look like an expanded iPhone app. And yes, it’s cross-platform, so it doesn’t matter what mobile OS your Kik friends use. Alas, there’s no plan of making a PC or Mac version yet. But still there are over 200 million users kikking!

Color your text up 

Kik does pack some basic media functions. You can send pictures from your gallery, recent photos and videos from your iDevice, GIFs, emoticons and different kinds of content. Kik even has a special section hidden deep in the Attach menu. You can find a whole JCPenney of funny things there.
Kik apps are available right from the chat Kik Stickers

Stickers store is a routine for today. You can buy stickers one by one or by theme sets. There are dozens of pictures describing some emotion, event, word, or situation.  But it seems like the least interesting part of Kik’s built-in possibilities.

With Kik’s meme generator you can create your ad hoc memes. If you think that a facepalm, Shaun Bean as Boromir or Grumpy Cat would make a good illustration to your reply, you can use them right from Kik. In other messengers, you’d have to use an external service for that.

Fun It Up

Another funny option is Sketch feature. You can draw or write your message by hand or with a stylus, if you’re an old school kind and don’t like finger drawing. Sometimes it’s more pleasant to receive a real letter written by hand. This feature seems rare if not unique, and it may be a real reason to install Kik.

And one of the most interesting web apps available within Kik is a real working web browser! Of course, it can’t compare to Safari in any way. But you don’t have to leave Kik to browse for something amusing. There are preinstalled links for Kik services and some other resources. This browser is lightweight and requires little from your broadband just like the messenger itself.

In fact, it’s the inner web apps that make Kik something special in a way. It’s a real chat platform that may grow into something greater from now on.
Kik quick chatsDon't chat behind your friends' backs

There is an inner currency called “Kik points”, KP for short. The prices are shown in KPs. Of course, you can purchase KPs for real money via AppStore. These purchases are optional. And yes, they can be restored after you install Kik on another device. That’s enough to keep Kik completely ad-free.

The bottom line

All in all, with Kik you get a good old school messenger for texting with come pleasant extras, not necessary at all but creating an atmosphere in Kik. 

It’s great if you still like to communicate by texting and writing or if you go online from your classes or other places with voice communication banned. This fast, simple and ad-free messenger can be a real blessing for such situations.

Antoine DeGrasse


Avid rhyme maker, master of ceremonies, lord of the phones.

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