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As screen definition grows and its size remains basically the same though relatively large, it gets harder to read the text which inevitably becomes smaller. If you are a lucky user of a 2K smartphone, or maybe experience this problem on your FHD one, there's something to help you.

Maybe it’s not you who meets this problem. It may be your parents or grandparents you presented a new smartphone to, with eyesight too weak and glasses always left away. It is your task to solve this problem: your mom or grandma, or your dad if he’s not too advanced, will turn to you and nobody else, correct?

In fact, you don’t have to root your phone and install some additional packages or apply any mods or tweaks. There are preinstalled tools for making text larger.

Accessibility settings

The primary way to make the system font larger is hidden in Settings. Open that gear-like icon and select Accessibility section. If you use KitKat or a later version of Android, this line is in General section. There must be a Large text toggle switch you need to turn on. Check if the switch has turned green, and then go back. I may take several seconds for changes to take effect, but there’s no need to restart the smartphone. It will change the interface automatically.

Display settings

There is also a more advanced way of making text larger. You need to open Settings again, but this time you’ll need the Display tab or section. Find the line Font size there and tap it. You’ll see a graphic list of options that makes selection easier. Tap on the line with the desired font size. You won’t even have to leave the Settings menu to see changes being applied. The new size will be displayed immediately.

There are at least 4 options available:

  • Small
  • Normal
  • Large
  • Huge

Some vendors expand these limits and add more grades. For example, LG suggests a scale of 7 size variants. Appearances may vary depending on the vendor and Android version.

Gestures and other bonus methods

There are also other ways of making the text larger in certain apps or the whole system.

For example, Samsung smartphones allow controlling font size from within the app. If you need to enlarge the font quickly, you can do it with volume rocker keys, pushing Up to increase the letters and Down to make them smaller. You’ll need to activate this feature in the messaging app settings.

It’s even easier with LG phones. You can just use zooming two-finger gesture to make fonts larger or smaller. This feature works in messaging apps and dialers on different LG phones, as well as in web browsers or book readers.

If your phone was manufactured by a well-known A-class vendor, there may be its unique magnifying tool. Read about it in the phone’s instruction or Help section.

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    5 years ago
    Great idea! Been waiting for this cuz I'm blind as a freaking bat! will use for my phone!
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