Latest Android Update To Fix Critical Vulnerabilities

Latest Android Update To Fix Critical Vulnerabilities on Freepps Top Blog

It seems like the latest portion of updates for Android OS has to cope with multiple vulnerabilities (namely, twenty-three of them), seven of which are severe and two are the critical ones. Four months have already passed since the potential security “holes” were found in this mobile OS. Since that time, Google keeps on sending new patches every month to minimize the risks of new vulnerabilities.

A Billion of Smartphones May Be Attacked Because of Stagefright

The most serious problems (CVE-2015-6608 and CVE-2015-6609) are those connected with the remote code execution triggered by playing a special media file sent via a simple email, MMS, or a URL link. It’s not a good thing and that’s why developers have to react at the right time. The issue known as Stagefright 2.0 may affect almost a billion of smartphones, giving the potential attackers an opportunity to control such devices or to steal users’ data. However, we were assured that Google team discovered these problems before any hackers. In fact, every OS release contains at least a couple of vulnerabilities. Take, for instance, the newest iOS release, the updates to which fixed almost fifty issues, which appeared only a month after the 9.0.2 version had seen the world.

Monthly Security Patches

So, all the Android users would like to get an answer to the most burning question for this moment – when it will become possible to update every mobile gadget running this software. The lucky owners of Nexus devices will, as always, get them first. Samsung and LG have also promised to push the patches (the flagman models will be in priorities, of course). As for the others, they have to wait the moment when such rolling updates will be established by all the manufacturers.

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    Good news. Such updates are extremely important, nobody wants to suffer from hacker attacks.
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