Chrome For Android Updated With Recording Options

Chrome For Android Updated With Recording Options on Freepps Top Blog

Recently Google has come up with a new update, dubbed #49, for its well-known browser, Chrome. The previous Chrome update became available to us in January of this year giving the users an opportunity to perform the tasks from the notification bar while developers received extensive support for Cast API.

So which features are offered by this update?

Google continues to introduce more and more features that can be useful for the developers. The updated version of Chrome offers improved MediaRecorder API that gives a chance to record video and audio files through the websites without any separate plugins. 

Google ChromeChrome updated

In Chrome's 49 version, the developers also get an opportunity to enjoy enhanced Background Sync API that allows the websites to schedule synchronization for the next time an Android device connects to the Internet.

In addition to the mentioned changes, there is an interesting addition referred to as the Physical Web. This update is triggered with the help of certain beacons that exist in our physical world. For instance, when you are standing somewhere close to the smart beacon, your will be suggested to activate the Physical Web. 

By doing so, you will be able to see nearby URLs. This feature can be useful at the universities to quickly share the notes with all the students who wait for their lecture near the hall. 

Feel free to tell us in the comments if you will benefit from the recent updates and which additional improvements you would like to see introduced in the future.

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