Leaked Recording Reveals Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Plan of Attack’ at TikTok

Leaked Recording Reveals Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Plan of Attack’ at TikTok on Freepps Top Blog

According to a leaked recording where Mark Zuckerberg spoke to his employees, the social networking behemoth’s strategy of dealing with competitors may seem rather aggressive. In that particular recording, Mark Zuckerberg revealed his ‘plan of attack’ in terms of competing with Facebook’s immensely popular Chinese video-sharing app competitor TikTok

Since it has been released in China in 2016, the popularity of the TikTok app continues to skyrocket. As of today, it reportedly boasts nearly 500 million users throughout the globe. Compared to the nearly 3 billion Facebook users, this number is rather insignificant. However, according to the leaded audio, Zuckerberg already has a ‘plan of attack’ to slow down TikTok’s meteoric rise. 

Dealing with the Major Competitor 

Looks like Mark Zuckerberg is preoccupied by the success and popularity of the Chinese TikTok app. According to the aforementioned leaked recording, the tech giant CEO is specifically worried that the powerful Chinese rival is doing exceptionally well with the ‘young folks’ in the US and India. 

According to Zuckerberg, TikTok is now even more popular in India than Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t specified what metric he has referred to when measuring the level of TikTok popularity. But the growth of the TikTok app in India really is impressive. In early 2019, over 40% of the app just-registered users were located in India.  

When it comes to Zuckerberg ‘plan of attack’, it revolves around the launch of the Facebook-powered TikTok competitor called Lasso in areas where TikTok hasn’t yet expanded — Mexico, for example. The tech giant will first monitor how Lasso will perform in these markets. Upon analyzing the results, they will release the app globally to compete with TikTok.   

Facebook Competition Strategies: Yay or Nay?

How do you like Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘plan of attack’? What are your thoughts on Facebook’s competition strategies in general? Are they fair or way too aggressive in your personal point of view? Have you ever heard of the TikTok app? You’re welcome to scroll down, find the comment section, and get the discussion started on this topic. Your viewpoint matters.

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