Busuu For Android Reviewed: Learn Foreign Languages For Free

Busuu For Android Reviewed: Learn Foreign Languages For Free on Freepps Top Blog

My Personal Experience

Today, we are witnessing the rapid development of modern technologies. For example, now you can purchase and download almost any book you wish and you don’t have to search for it in a shop. When I decided to improve my French, I started to search for online services as I wanted to find good French lessons for free. After long search and several websites I was a little bit disappointed because there are not many worthy resources.

The majority of resources represent only text material (rules, description of some example, tests, vocabulary lists). And, to be frank, I don’t feel like reading something from the screen and trying to learn it somehow. Also I found websites which provided only audio content. It is an effective way to learn French listening to texts and dialogues but you also need to practice what you have already heard. After searching I was really upset that I couldn’t find anything which could be appropriate for me and effective for my learning goals.

Busuu for Android

I have recently found Busuu application for Android which helps you to learn French for free! You can practice using their website together with applications designed for Android or iOS. It should be noticed that Busuu service has received several certificate for the learning method they perform. This program is really efficient and trustworthy.

I like everything about Busuu including the way the material is presented and practiced. When you have something new, you learn it in the form of different tasks and you get really engaged.

After you install the application, you have to choose the language or languages that you are going to learn and improve. Also you should choose the level you have right now.
I want to notice that you can add languages later and it is possible to change the level even it has not been finished yet.

Languages lessons for free

How I Learn with Busuu

When you complete registration and choose the level you prefer, you will be offered to practice several categories. The first category is “Vocabulary”. It has word card with images in it and word written in the languages you have chosen. The foreign word is translated to your native language. Also you can listen to the new words and repeat them.

Another task in “Vocabulary” category is to choose the correct word. You should decide which of the words is written and pronounced correctly. Also I like to combine foreign words with their translations to my native language.

Let me describe you the task I like most of all! You should fill in missed words in the sentences. This is how it works: you listen to the dialogue in the language you are learning, all the sentences are written and translated to your native language. And after you completely understand the dialogues, you have to fill in missed words.

The only disadvantage is limitations of the application. For example, you have to purchase the license for a definite period in order to do the tests. While you can get 20% discount if you collect enough special bonuses called “busuu berries”.

Enjoy your learning!

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  • l
    6 years ago
    Very good application to up your foreign language skills. I've started with Turkish and now I can understand some phrases in my favourite Turkish shows.
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  • s
    6 years ago
    It is a really useful app especial for students, because a lot of young people don't have the money to pay for apps/ But this soft is free.
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