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If you don’t consider yourself a fan of Google+, and you use Google Play Store to download apps for your Android device, then the latest news regarding these two services will be just what you needed to hear. Google made a decision to allow users to leave their reviews of apps in the Play Store without having to set up a Google+ account. This update is currently rolling out to all users, but if you still didn’t get this opportunity, it should become available quite soon.

Is Google trying to get rid of Google+? 

Now Everyone is Free to Post Comments on Google Play

This decision of Google to allow users to leave reviews is a continuation of unbundling the features of Google+. One of such prominent changes that affected the way we use Google services was transforming Google+ Photos into just Google Photos, which was the move that was well received by users. Also, you may have noticed that posting comments on YouTube is no longer connected to Google+, so you don’t even need a profile to do that.

Since its launch in 2011, Google+ hasn’t managed to engage the audience in the same way as some other social media platforms, even though there are still loyal users out there who enjoy using the service. At this point, it’s quite obvious that Google is focused on bringing as many features to users as possible and making the experience a lot simpler by avoiding additional steps, such as setting up a Google+ account.

Do you use Google+? What are your thoughts on the update? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments! 

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