LEO Privacy Guard Reviewed: Get Maximum Data Security

LEO Privacy Guard Reviewed: Get Maximum Data Security on Freepps Top Blog

The truth is that one of the major issues faced by people who make use of mobile web and other web sources is the threat to privacy. If you are using the android operating system, you must have searched for the best application that guarantees you safety from different threats that abounds online. This is what the LEO privacy guard will do for you, even free of charge. This has been named the most trusted and most popular privacy protector for android, and more than 10 million people use it. This will automatically safeguard your phone from the numerous snoopers, voyeurs and prying gossipy eyes. It will automatically bring out a sincere sigh of relief in you, as you won’t worry about the privacy of the data, software and information on your android phone.

If you have a very inquisitive and nagging boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband that will always want to know everything about you by going through your SMS and call log, or you have the type of parents that will always want to go through your gallery or social media status, you have one option, protect your privacy by getting the LEO privacy guard from us.

There are different settings in the privacy guard, and these different features have particular functions they add to your Android device.

Privacy protection

This comes with different types of privacy alerts, and they will give you information on the safety status of your phone from time to time. This also makes it impossible for unauthorized viewing of your phone through the guard on phone, mask on apps and private pic settings.

Leo offers total protection for your pics, SMS and videos

App management

This is another great feature of the guard. Here, you have very simple mode through which you can uninstall all the unwanted apps. You are also allowed to back up the most important apps, so that you will not lose them easily. Even if this happens, the backups will be there to replace them. With this system, you can also manage your data plan and conserve your battery energy for longer time through different settings.


This app comes with different shortcuts through which you can get to applications and functions without observing different processes. All the apps have shortcuts that allow you get to them through a simple swipe, and this makes everything stay within reach.

The newest aspect of the Leo is that it comes with a very stylish new design, which makes the user interface very intuitive and simpler to handle. The themes are now very stylish and will give your lock screen a very beautiful and neat look.

Enjoy shortcuts to your Leo Privacy Application features

General Information

People have been asking how to protect their application from people who might gain access to their device and not be able to un-install or disable it. It is very simple; just get to the “settings” of the application and head towards the “advanced protection settings”. Here, you can set the advanced protection to yes, only to disable this when you no longer need it.

Whenever you enable the advanced protection, nobody will be able to uninstall the Applock without the use of password. Check out this application for free on our website.

When you forget your Applock password, which can be very annoying, you can get this by tapping the forget password icon. When you do, you will be able to reset your password using your security answer or your security email depending on the one you remember. However, this can happen only if your application is on number lock. If it is on pattern lock, then you have to change it to the number lock before you can do this.

The Applock feature, which in actual sense is the most used feature of the LEO privacy guard, has three different accounts, and you can run any of these accounts. These are the free Basic Account, the AD Account, which is also free but comes with few premium features and the Premium Account which is a paid account.

Another thing to note about this app is that whenever you have an internal free storage memory less than 10%, you will be denied the chance to move new files into the vault. So, when you are unable to move files in and out of the vault, it may be due to this. Again, when you unknowingly hide your Applock icon, it will seem difficult for you to open your Applock.

You can do this by entering #password in your dial pad and tapping the call button. When you do this, the app will open. You can also do this by opening the website domobile.com/applock in your browser. Through this, you can get to your app.

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    Hannah Gart
    6 years ago
    I always forget passwords, so that forget password icon is just for me.I'll download this app for sure.
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