Let Your Emotions Speak for You with New Emoji App

Let Your Emotions Speak for You with New Emoji App on Freepps Top Blog

It had to happen. If machines can interpret your spoken word into typed text, why can’t it be so with your emotions? Meet SpeakEmoji, a new app from SapientNitro, that was released recently on both iOS and Android.

All you need to do is just speak. The app will hear you and convert your words into emoji icons as close to your original message as emoji set allows. After you have finished the app suggests the set of emoji you can copy and paste into any messaging app.

It’s not meant to save your time only. The app can give birth to a new type of cross-lingual communication where you don’t have to use words at all. It looks a bit Swiftian (remember Gulliver’s travel to Lagado?) but new technology allows you not to suffer bringing heavy sacks of different items for a little talk. So we have a really universal translation app that uses emoji instead of Esperanto.

Now it only recognizes English speech, though it can be set up for different accents – British, American and Australian. Other languages support is yet to come, but chances are it won’t take long.

There is even an option of sharing your Emoji-written speech on Facebook, Twitter (why not Instagram if it’s that visual?) and sending it with Messenger or email.

It’s too early to sing that all we ever wanted, all we ever needed is Speak Emoji, and words are not very unnecessary yet. But this app can get some new forms of communication started. Try it now, it’s free. And enjoy SpeakEmoji.


Ryan Kerr


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  • J
    5 years ago
    Well, the idea spread in the air for such a long has finally come to life.I guess, it's worth trying and watching how it works.
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  • A
    5 years ago
    Wow! The article is very interesting! But it seems to me that we are degraded in communication! Pass from the live communication to communicating through the Internet, and now automatic SpeakEmoji. What do you think?
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