Lightroom Ups Pic Size On iOS, Still Android-Only RAW

Lightroom Ups Pic Size On iOS, Still Android-Only RAW on Freepps Top Blog

Adobe Lightroom is a must-have for every aspiring photographer, but using the app on iOS has had a few drawbacks, most of which have been resolved in its latest update.

The biggest achievement is that now the app lets you export the edited images in their full resolution. The old limit of 2560 pixels has been since ditched to allow processing of images for 4K displays and larger prints.

The move will surely please high-res camera owners who prefer editing on the go using their tablets and phones. Also, the app will now be able to properly process iPhone panoramas, which can get as large as 43 megapixel in their latest iterations, which is 5 times the size of a 4K image.

Lightroom for iPad

With the added in-Camera Roll 3D touch support, the user experience won't be outdated anymore, as now you can peek and pop to preview pictures.

While not a tremendous improvement on paper, in reality it will save you significant amounts of time if you browse and sort hundreds of pictures being a pro photographer. 

While this update is a firm step in the right direction, with perks like "bug fixes and performance updates", the iOS iteration still lags behind its Android counterpart, which, aside from extra editing features, even lets users edit RAW files

Make sure to check out the latest edition of Lightroom for your iPhone or iPad and share you opinion abut it with us!

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  • S
    5 years ago
    I'm not a photographer, but my job is related with photoshop. So Adobe Lightroom is really must-have app for me too. Besides it's not very hard and everyone can learn how to work with app.
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  • M
    5 years ago
    Hm, it’s a pretty good app for my android. But it could be a little better. However, all the same, thanks!
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