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Startups are cool. Startups are the hottest thing right now. It's weird if you don't own a brand today. Heck, you should be at least name-sitting one! 

If you're on the startup bandwagon, you must have a logo, or, at least, have one in mind. Hiring a designer to polish it up sounds too expensive? Well, there's an app for it, too.

The app is called Logo Foundry, and basically, it's a list of templates with preinstalled designs, fonts and graphics that you can twist into your new, albeit slightly generic, logo.

While Logo Foundry, available both for Android and iOS, is extremely easy to navigate and use and can be easily mastered by a 4-year old (8-year old in '80's years), it has a wide array of options behind the curtain.

Los Logos

Logo Foundry AppLogo Foundry app

You can create rounded logos with curved text, search for different graphics and apply it in layers. Surprisingly, you can resize every detail without a loss of quality, which hints .svg file support.

So this app lets you:

  1. Create cool designs for free;
  2. Use them if needed;
  3. Attract customers/users;
  4. ???;
  5. Profit!

While creating logos with Logo Foundry is cool and handy, it's not a one-trick pony. Another way to use it is sticker creation, and smaller projects in general. Don't let your customers leave without a new sticker on their bumper.

On a side note, it's too early to tell if one can create new Stick Family designs with this app.

The darker, confusing overtone is that one can't check if a certain design has already been used, which can lead to logos being duplicated. 

With a cool set of features and some useful basic designs, Logo Foundry deserves a shot before you decide to invest some money - and time - into hiring an actual designer.

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    5 years ago
    That's really a great app, especially for students or people who have a lot of creative business projects, but whose budget is limited.
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