Lyft Redesigns Its App for “Better Transportation Solutions”

Lyft Redesigns Its App for “Better Transportation Solutions” on Freepps Top Blog

Lyft is tweaking its app to stimulate customers to take fewer car trips. With the latest Lyft app update, people will easily see the full picture of all the available transportation options in their area, including bikes, scooters, public transit, and car rentals. 

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Updated Lyft App: What’s New?

In the previous app version, non-car suggestions showed up at the bottom of the ‘nearby’ options list on the application’s home screen. Now that the Lyft app has been revamped, the available options are displayed in the form of ‘tabs’ at the bottom of the screen. Tap the tabs, and it will change the view of the map. 

Based on the company’s tests, this updated tab-friendly app design stimulates people to use other modes aside from car rides. Upon concluding that 1 in 8 Lyft rides of this summer has been a bike ride, the company is currently hoping to boost this trend. 

In a few weeks, Lyft will introduce their new ‘Mode Selector’ feature that will allow its subscribers to compare prices and travel time frames. For example, if a bike is the fastest and cheapest way to go compared to a car, it will show up at the top. If public transport is faster and cheaper than a car, then it will be displayed among the options as well.

Lyft or Uber: Your Choose

As of today, the Lyft and Uber apps are almost identical in terms of functionality. Both these companies have been severely criticized for pollution and traffic jams. Naturally, the companies have made multiple attempts to improve the situation through an array of means. 

So, which out of these two apps do you prefer and why? Have you ever used the Lyft app? If you have, do you think the latest update brings more convenience to the company’s clients? Share your thoughts with us and your fellow tech enthusiasts in the comment section below. We greatly appreciate it.

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