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OK, it’s 2016 already, congrats. And we know what you have been doing in the last days of 2015 besides calling and texting your friends and thinking that New Year day is just halfway from Catholic to Orthodox Christmas, so your trees can stay decorated for some more. You’ve been making your plans for the next year. Find a better job. Expand your business. Find time for jogging and get rid of those ten (oh, already sixteen?) pounds.

When the dream comes true it necessarily goes through a planning stage. Otherwise, it would remain impossible. So get yourself together: you’re already sober, we hope? And take your smartphone for installing some new apps that will help you to embody your plans from ideas to actions and then to results.

Will it work? Yes, it does already. Fitness trackers and smartwatches already motivate millions to change their way of life. And there’s no violence or compelling, you just get some help with what you’re already tending to.
Well, so it’s up to you just like it’s always been. But these apps will provide a good reflection of what you are and what you do, so a bit of self-control will act more efficiently with those. So, what’s your goal?


If your resolution was to learn harder and to master some new knowledge, your selection is Curiosity. We’re not sure whether it will take you to Mars but your fantasy may help. It’s not an academic app, it’s rather a collection of curious facts, stories, infographics. The best side of its app is its mobility. You can spend your free minutes in a line, in transport or at your dinner table awaiting your order and learn more at the same time.

The app is rich with photo and video materials, the facts are well-illustrated and edited. You’ll have to sign up with your email, Facebook or Twitter account to receive daily digests with 5 facts in each one. You can scroll each digest down to read all its articles or swipe left to read the previous days’ digests.
The developers do their best to enrich the app with new features. For example, they add new languages constantly.

Fitness trackers and smartwatches already motivate millions to change their way of life.

Financial management

The financial management app named Mvelopes is meant for analyzing and planning your expense. The name sounds like “envelopes”, and in fact, envelopes are your main tools for planning. Just set up your spending points and plan how much you are ready to spend on each of them during a month. Then create a plan that your income can provide. As you do your spending the app shows how much you have left to append in each of your envelopes.

The app syncs its data with your bank accounts in the background. So you can use multiple accounts in multiple banks and work with them seamlessly. Setting up the app for the first time is easy, and the only time you have to change your settings is adding or deleting your actual account. The only thing that matters is your own actions. You see what you have spent and what you have left.
Unfortunately, the app is meant first of all for US residents. You can find American banks in proposed list and cannot add your own if you’re from another country. Anyway, if you live abroad, you won’t be able even to install the app from Google Play.

The right kind of relaxation

The space you need to explore is all in your head, right? The Headspace Meditation app helps you to distract from our reality and let your mind breathe clearly.

Meditation is a very specific art you have to work hard to master. But with Headspace Meditation you get a perfect video guide that explains and illustrates almost anything you need to know. Your meditations start with 2-minute sessions and then become longer, up to an hour. And when you forget to take your break the app will notify you.

Headspace Meditation is a social thing. You can find people practicing it around, connect with your friends, learn from each other and share your success.

Saying goodbye to bad habits

Even if you don’t heavily drink or smoke, use only decent words, and practice faithfulness to your partner, you still have habits that you consider bad. It may be procrastinating, drinking too much coffee, expressing emotions too loud, or anything else that causes discomfort to you or people around you.

OK, turn your temptation war into a game. At least, so it seems when you see that name: HabitRPG. You have to turn into your character and gradually upgrade yourself and get to higher levels. You can select the difficulty level, fulfill your missions and receive points for your right steps.

The app is social, so you can put your friends to this test. This competition will be both fun and profit. You can as well find other people with similar problems and try their experience yourself or share your tricks and methods.

Reading more

The reading apps today are available anywhere. Book stores like Amazon or Barnes & Noble develop their own, and popular ones like AlReader or ZX Reader are often preinstalled on new devices. You don’t have to go far to take your library with you in your pocket. But Readmei is something different.

You don’t have to go far to take your library with you in your pocket.

When you read a book, no matter paper or digital one, your eyes have to move from word to word, line by line, Readmei shows a different way: it streams the text so you don’t have to move your eyes. The text is colorized and looks much easier to read. And you can adjust scrolling speed so you don’t miss a word and don’t waste a second.

The app works with popular EPUB format. So you can read your books bought on Amazon, Google Books or other resources. It supports a lot of languages and has a pretty elaborate interface.
And by the way, you can just download books into your device. If you use more than one device you can use cloud syncing for seamless reading on any of them.

Moving more, couchpotatoing less

What do you do at your computer or papers? It’s hardly that important that you can’t find a minute to break away from your chair and finally get glued to it. The reminding apps like Stand Up! will control your motion breaks. It’s even not about built-in smartphone sensors or wearable devices, you just have to set the time for work and time for rest.

Again, it’s up to you to follow the reminder or to ignore it. But anyway, if you feel that would be right to give yourself a time for some exercises or a cup of coffee, here it is. There’s no violence and no fees for not following, it’s just a reminder. But often that’s enough.

Switching to healthier food

So, you feel you’re hooked on junk food and need to get rid of this dependence. There’s one thing you have to acknowledge first. Healthy food is not only healthier. It’s much tastier if you cook it right! So all you need is a good source of recipes and a bit of time to go through them. Both problems are solvable with your phone and Yummly app.

Yummly is an aggregator with a powerful built-in search system that works with most popular food blogs. There are rich search options that can help you find meals corresponding with your diet, your allergies, your income, your fridge contents, and so on. Reading is good but seeing is better. And if you feel your mouth filling up with saliva while glancing at these photos, well, you have found something to cook today.

Another useful tool is the built-in shopping list. When you select the recipe you can automatically add its ingredients to this list and check your basket while shopping.

Organizing your life

Making plans is a great thing but it needs one thing to be told from dreaming: they have to be fulfilled. The 24me service is a smart personal assistant meant to help you control all of your projects. There’s no need to consider separate calendars, to-do lists, social media, other parts of your life apart. 24me brings all of it together in one app that helps you take control of your plans.

There is a built-in reminder that notifies you about planned events and tasks. Any task can be classified by category, you can add comments, links, terms.

24me is a cloud-based service, so you can switch your devices and use it simultaneously on a whole set of them. You can create a separate account or use your Google+ or Facebook. There’s also an option of adding your SNS accounts, work connections, and financial dues.

And if it’s too hard for you to make it out from the start, you can learn from videos available by direct link from the app.


The final thing we review is not strictly an app. In fact, it’s an extension that helps you integrate your PC or Mac version of Chrome with your phone, no matter what it is – Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or even BlackBerry.
The app integrates with your Google Calendar, no matter what device you use it on. After importing the events, it plans telephone calls and rings you at reminding time (as you set it in your calendar settings). It’s much harder to ignore a real phone call than a notification from an app. So it probably will act like a perfect cure for always-being-late sickness.

The app requires a real US phone number but it’s not hard to obtain, even if you live outside the USA, and use via Skype or other VoIP client.
In fact, the decisions are yours, and only you are responsible for your progress. But every job needs a set of tools, and we truly hope these will help you. Wish you a good 2016!

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Our resident meandering word artist, Antonio surely knows how to spot a good taco.

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