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If you’re an active user of Google Maps, you will be happy to hear that Google has introduced the functionality that makes it easier to suggest edits and add places in Maps whether you’re using an iOS or Android device. The goal of this update is to give access to users so that they can improve and expand the information about various destinations and businesses worldwide.

How can you use the enhanced Google Maps?

Suggesting the edits and adding places on Google Maps

The next time you look for a certain location on the map, you will be presented with a so-called Knowledge Graph that helps you find out more details about the place. The location cards of Google Maps will have the option of suggesting an edit. Moreover, if you want to add a location you are able to do so by dropping a pin on the map and choosing the “Add a missing place” option. When using Google Maps for Android devices, users also get an opportunity to include more specific details, such as the food served at a place or its overall atmosphere.

It’s quite obvious that some individuals may try to add false information, which is why Google will use crowd verification for the edits that are provided by users on their Maps.  The users will get the ability to verify the edits using their devices, and once there are enough confirmations of their accuracy – the edits will appear on Google Maps. There is no doubt that we’ll be able to discover a lot of great places thanks to the edits suggested by the locals.

What are your thoughts on these changes? Do you plan on suggesting your own edits? We’ll be happy to read about your experience with Google Maps in the comments.

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