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Meet Doodle, The Schedule Maker on Freepps Top Blog

What should your phone be smart for? One of the most obvious purposes is scheduling. Electronic artificial memory will never forget about your plans and will gladly remind you your agenda. And the device that suits best for it is the one that’s always with you.

For a name, Doodle sounds too lightweight for a serious service. It rather reminds you of some picture or animation that Google puts on its page on some remarkable date, or of Doodle games (looking as if they were hand-drawn). But in fact, it’s a powerful tool for scheduling and planning. Its power is especially useful when you plan a group event and need several people to find time equally suitable for all (at least most) of them.

The first thing you see after launching the app is a quick tutorial that shows you the basics of working with Doodle. As you see, it’s meant for planning and selecting the best time for all participants.
Then you need to create your account. You can as well authorize with your Google or Facebook account. When you register, the app suggests you subscribe to its latest news (it’s recommended but not necessary).  You’ll also need to confirm your email before first launch (no matter what device you use, it’s your account that matters).
The home screen of the app has two main tabs: Polls and Invitations. It’s easy to guess that the first one is meant for you to create and schedule your own events, and the other one displays other users’ events you’re invited to.


When you create your event you need to select the date first. After you have picked the date you can see your appointments already set on that day. The app has access to your system calendars and picks the events from them. Thus, you can plan your time according to the plans you already have.

You can also create polls to make something clear. The question of the poll should be put in the name, and the text options are the provided answers. Sometimes you can even leave one option (if it’s a simple yes-or-no poll). You can also suggest some dates for your event, and the participants should select the most suitable for them.

Select the participants from your address book. You can make your poll available for anyone who receives the link or only for the ones you send the invitation directly.

It works just the same with events you create. You can suggest multiple dates and select time slots for each date, according to your own agenda. You can also add location and brief text description of the upcoming event.

When someone invites you for an event or for a poll, you receive a notification. The app lets you respond right from it.

Last but not least: Doodle is a cross-platform service. You can access it via a web browser on your PC, Mac or smartphone), use your Android device, iPhone of iPad. Windows Phone still lacks the app, but there is always Web interface available.

Of course, you can use free Doodle accounts. There are also two premium options: Private (29 EUR/year) and Business (49 EUR/year). But we think that for everyday needs a non-business user gets enough functionality for free.

Ryan Kerr


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  • S
    6 years ago
    This app seems to be the most convenient of all I've already downloaded. Highly recommended!
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  • JA
    James Aldens
    6 years ago
    I've been looking for an app like this for so long. Very usable for a busy man with the crowded schedule like I've got. Thanks for your work, you eased my everyday workload.
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