Micopi To Fill The Void in Your Contacts

Micopi To Fill The Void in Your Contacts on Freepps Top Blog

Our contact lists consist not only of our close friends and relatives but of colleagues, acquaintances, various service providers, etc. Admit, that it would be strange, if we start to take photos of every person we share contacts with. So, it’s a main reason of the fact that not all the phone numbers in the contact list have pictures to be associated with. By default, the “empty” contacts are filled with simple gray (or color, at best) silhouettes, made up by the system. 

Micopi User Interface and Functionality

The Micopi app for Android devices offers an alternative for your device customization. It replaces blank photos by automatic generating of abstract images to make a colorful background for the initial letter. After downloading and launching Micopi, you can either do everything manually by selecting separate contacts and creating pictures or choose the automatic mode. You’ll be offered several variants of images, which may be previewed by a swiping gesture. If you wish, you can replace all the images, too. Though, it’s unlikely that you will. 

Generate a Unique Geometric Pattern for Every Person

And that’s it  - simple application with easy navigation and operating principle; nothing more. Weighting 6.2MB, the app is free and compatible with all the devices running Android 2.3.3+. However, the developer team highly recommends users to make a backup of contacts and photos. You know, just in case, because the Micopi app currently works in the test mode. We think it’s a great idea with potential. So, if you suggest it’s your thing, give the new app a try and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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