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Have you ever tried to count the apps Microsoft released for other mobile software platforms, particularly for Android? Probably, such a thought had hardly crossed your mind and there’s nothing wrong about that. However, if you try to do this, you’ll be surprised by the total number, which is close to a hundred. Note that it was done for the rival, actually.

It turns out that Microsoft still can surprise us. This time, Redmond released a new mobile application for devices running the Android OS. The app has already received an ambiguous glory. The whole point is that this app is called Microsoft Apps and it’s “a store inside a store”. It's just one more step for the company’s cross-platforming strategy, the essence of which is that the Windows mother corporation designs “universal” apps for various operating systems and form factors.

Recursive Application

Actually, it’s a shopping application which offers not goods but other apps by the Microsoft Company, such as Office, Skype, One Drive, etc. The total amount of those is more than 80. It’s simply a list of apps available and compatible with your device, which is located inside a larger app store. And that’s it - no more goodies are offered to users as of now. With the help of this service you may be pretty sure that the app you’re going to install is an official one and doesn’t contain malware though

It's just one more step for the company’s cross-platforming strategy

We should pay tribute to the corporation as searching for an app you need becomes rather a simple task within Microsoft Apps. The content is subdivided into categories - Education, Finance, Health, Communication, Entertainment, etc. Besides, users may explore the Popular section with the trending apps. 

Microsoft Apps Functionality


Pointless or Not?

In fact, it may be even handy to search for any of the Microsoft’s apps as they are all stored in one place. However, a part of users who have already installed the app call it useless as it “only occupies space on a device”, because you’ll still be redirected to Play Store for downloading. What a nonsense!

Frankly speaking, we’re not sure what is better and easier: to tap a few more times at Google Play to find the other apps by the developer or to install one more rarely-to-be-used tool on a smartphone. Anyway, Microsoft Apps is free of charge, and it has a chance to get its audience.

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  • N
    5 years ago
    OMG, a store inside a store... Just like in "Inception" film =) Another senseless product from Microsoft...
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