Microsoft Introduces AI-Powered PowerPoint Presentation Tool

Microsoft Introduces AI-Powered PowerPoint Presentation Tool on Freepps Top Blog

Microsoft has introduced a brand new artificial intelligence-powered presentation feature within PowerPoint dubbed Presentation Coach. This new tool will assist PowerPoint users in enhancing their presentation-making potential. Today, creating PowerPoint slides for your company is a matter of several mouse clicks. 

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Presentation Coach and PowerPoint Designer

The new PowerPoint Presentation Coach will help you effectively practice your presentation. You don’t usually rehearse your presentations because they’re already perfect? Does practicing make you nervous? In either case, practicing your presentation is crucial. And Presentation Coach will help you with that by evaluating your material based on the following criteria: speed, slide reading, and word choice. 

Speed is self-explanatory — the tool will analyze how slow or how fast you deliver your presentation when practicing. The ‘slide reading’ parameter is interesting. Presentation Coach figures out when you are simply reading your slides word-by-word, while the ‘word choice’ feature gives you the possibility to change that approach while practicing — because chances are high that the audience will fall asleep to your presentation if you read the slides like a robot.

In addition to Presenter Coach, the PowerPoint Designer feature has also been updated. It will give you some recommendations on how to present your slides, assist companies in staying on-brand, and even help you enhance your public speaking skills. For instance, if your corporation’s slide always has to be blue-and-silver with a logo in the upper-left-hand corner, PowerPoint will abide by those brand-friendly rules. Comfy and time-saving, isn’t it?

More Possibilities within PowerPoint

So, what do you think about the updated PowerPoint functionality? Do you think it’s really useful or nothing to write home about? Would you take advantage of it to prepare your presentation? Perhaps, you’ve already tried the PowerPoint Presentation Coach? Share your point of view with us and your fellow-readers, join the discussion below. At, your feedback is something we always look forward to and value immensely.

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