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Microsoft Office New Update Adds Cool Tricks on Freepps Top Blog

New MS Office update can be tested in the Fast Ring.

The freshet update for the Microsoft Office suite has been released on September 6, 2019. At the moment it can it is available for testing by the Insiders only. The update mostly consists of bug fixes. But it also has a few handy features. So, what do we have in this brand new bag of toys?

Hook up With XLOOKUP

The new features were added to Excel and PowerPoint. Firstly, in Excel, the new option called XLOOKUP is applicable now. This tricky thing is a full replacement for the iconic VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP. That means it can look both vertically and horizontally without a problem.

Moreover, XLOOKUP needs just 3 arguments to conduct a common lookup. The algorithm looks like this:

  • lookup_value. The spreadsheet object you're looking for.
  • lookup_up array. Where it can be found.
  • return_array. What must be returned.

Additionally, the feature has 2 more mode arguments:

  • match_mode. It allows you to select a match type that you need in your calculations. Choose zero value if you need to find all the exact matches. Meanwhile, 1 or -1 enables you to find all the nearest matches (in case no exact matches exist at all). To do a wildcard match, select 2 value. It will match a random character or a whole string of them.
  • search_mode. This option sets type/direction parameters of the search. A cool trick is to use 2 or -2 values to perform a binary search. But it requires an expert level of Excel mastery.

Be a Victor With PowerPoint Vectors

Now all the illustrations and slides can be saved as SVG files. What does it mean? SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic. So the next time you need to print your graphs, icons, charts and other illustration materials on paper, they will look much sharper. SVG format doesn't need pixels to render an image. Therefore it provides a much better visual quality. 

Another clever decision will be appreciated by Surface Pen owners. Whenever the Pen is picked, a Draw tab gets activated. As a result, you can pick a color that suits your project much quicker. To make it happen you need to:

  • Synchronize the Surface Pen with your computer.
  • Wait for about 2 minutes.
  • Open PowerPoint and pick the Pen.

Draw tab will automatically react whenever you grab the gadget. The feature is also available in Excel and Word.

The Bug Hunt Continues

These are all of the new features introduced in the September 6 update. Apart from boosted functionality, Microsoft has also fixed some of the most notorious bugs Office Suite used to have. To name a few:

  • Japanese postcard issue got fixed in Word.
  • CSV now always appears as a supported file format.
  • 3D Turntable orientation doesn't get afflicted anymore.
  • In Surface, a mouse movement isn't interpreted as a click.
  • The geometry of a Connector doesn't put non-connector shape types.

The bug extermination wasn't limited to just three products: MS Outlook and Access have also been perfected. 

Join the Secret Society

You can become a member of the Fast Ring and be the first to test the updates. Simply got to Settings/Update & Security and select Windows Insider Program. Sometime this October it is expected that a 19H2 Windows 10 update will be released as well. According to the company's HQ in Redmond, the patch will focus on "quality enhancements" only and no dramatic changes will be seen.

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