Microsoft To Do for iOS Update: Push Alerts, Stars, Elasticity and More

Microsoft To Do for iOS Update: Push Alerts, Stars, Elasticity and More  on Freepps Top Blog

One of the simplest and most useful apps by Microsoft now gets a minor but useful update. Now users with personal accounts can enjoy push notifications. It’s an extremely important feature for a planner app.

Pushing It Forward

The update is first of all useful for those who share their lists often and let other users make changes. For example, you can create a checklist for your spouse and let them go shopping. When an item is checked, you receive a notification; it may remind you of something you suddenly remember or just think about.

It’s just one example of how this feature works and the user’s benefit from it. It also supports collaboration on forming lists and organizing them.

So far, this feature is only active for personal accounts. But Microsoft plans to introduce it soon for school and work accounts as well. Probably it will deliver some more features (like access levels for different users), and its implementation takes more time.

Other Update Features

There are other minor changes you don’t even notice at first, but then you can’t imagine the app without them. One of these is starring items that you mark as important. Starring also affects Planner tasks after setting the importance level.

The updates also include importing lists from Wunderlist (now also owned and run by Microsoft), and if they were shared, you can reshare them in To Do when prompted. The visual change makes the app more elastic. As now iPhones and iPads are more numerous in size and screen geometry, this update is minor, but its lack would be a killjoy.

It’s not sure yet when these updates will hit the Android version of the app. But it’s sure to happen once, and rather sooner than later. Since Microsoft gave up its Windows Phone project, it pays great attention to its mobile apps, regardless of the platform.

What do you think of it? Do you prefer Microsoft planner over any other? Or do you know a better alternative? Drop a comment to share your thoughts!

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