Microsoft updates icons for its Office apps on Android

Microsoft updates icons for its Office apps on Android on Freepps Top Blog

Excel, Word, and PowerPoint apps receive newly updated icons on the Android platform. Microsoft has recently announced that they are working on the fresh design of Office apps for both mobile platforms: iOS and Android. After iOS and Windows 10 users have already received newly designed apps from the company, Microsoft decided the time has come for Android. The first update took place in March when Microsoft released the new logo for Outlook. And now, two months later, they are ready to treat us with new designs of Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word.

What is next?

It was not only about icons since Microsoft has updated all three of them to version 16.0. 11727.20104, which is the latest one. They fixed minor bugs and did not add any new features except the catchy design of the icons. With these three plus previous updates, we have five upgraded icons from Microsoft Office for Android. OneNote is yet to come, but there are no chances it will keep its old look, as Microsoft is as serious as ever.

Apparently, Microsoft decided to update all the apps on Android, or at least their icons. According to the official release from developers, OneNote receives new feature for Sticky Notes that allows users to take pictures with the camera and insert them into the app. They fixed the cursor bug as well.

The new design is not actually so new, as the company has announced it in 2018, but postponed for almost half a year. The fresh logos of good old Office apps can please our aesthetic demands on Windows 10, iOS and Android devices. Let’s wait for the rest of the new Microsoft icons for mobile apps.

Do you like the look?

While many of us still trying to solve the mystery of why Microsoft spent 6 months to update icons, we can’t help but notice these changes. Not many users pay attention to updated icons, but if you’re among those who do, please, share your thoughts below. Possibly you have some ideas on how new icons for other Office apps may look like.

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