Minecraft Now Has Foxes, Brown Mooshrooms, and 'Suspicious Stew'

Minecraft Now Has Foxes, Brown Mooshrooms, and 'Suspicious Stew'  on Freepps Top Blog

One of the things we love Minecraft for is its own creativity, amplified by that of the players. Well, the latest innovation makes live trickier for some creatures within it (for example, chickens), because its ecosystem now has a newcomer, named wild foxes. When the night comes, these beasts go out and start hunting the birds that are so bad at flying.

Minecraft Fox

While a wild fox is an enemy to your neighborhood, you can domesticate one if you know how to treat it. Two or three berries will do the work. So a fox will be a great friend to you.

Mushrooms Going Moo


Another innovation is brown mooshrooms. These creatures that look like hybrids of mushrooms and cows have been here for long. But now they seem to be able to change their color.

It takes a lightning strike for the mooshroom to change its color. The brown mooshroom can be used for making Suspicious Stew when combined with various flowers. And, by the way, there is also a new flower, named Wither Rose. It takes an entity that dies to the Wither, and the place becomes home for this bitter flower.

A Better Version of Yourself

With the updated character editor, you can create your own elements of your body. How about a body of any shape and size? Custom limbs, eyes, hairstyles? There is much more to the new editor, including skin color options and facial hair. It’s quite enough to create a truly recognizable character.

How Do I See That?

If you cannot see foxes or brown mooshrooms, you better check whether you have updated the game. The current version’s number is 1.13.0; if yours is less, it’s time to update manually. It was rolled out just today, so no wonder the innovations are yet to be accepted by the society.

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