Mixer Becomes Number One on App Store After ‘Fortnite’ Star’s Announcement

Mixer Becomes Number One on App Store After ‘Fortnite’ Star’s Announcement on Freepps Top Blog

Mixer, Microsoft’s live streaming application, became the most downloaded free service on App Store after Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, a brilliant young gaming pro renowned for his incredible ‘Fortnite’ virtuosity, had announced that he was moving from Twitch to the competitor Microsoft-owned application. In his video announcement, Ninja said that he was happy to switch from Twitch to Mixer, without specifying the reasons behind his decision.

Switching to Mixer, or the Power of 7 Figures

In his announcement, Ninja also said that he’d be delighted to meet his subscribers on the new streaming platform. Now, let’s do some counting. Blevins has over 4 million followers on Twitter. In spring 2019, he had nearly 15 million followers on Twitch, as well as almost 50,000 regular weekly viewers. Even if a very small batch of those Ninja subscribers downloaded Mixer, that definitely boosted the application’s popularity immensely.

Truth be told, Mixer is not a household name compared to YouTube and Twitch, and its streamer database is a lot smaller than the platforms mentioned above. However, Mixer does have its perks. Like Twitch and YouTube, Mixer is focused on gaming. Both experienced streamers and amateurs are free to make the most of this platform to create their content.

One of Mixer’s most dominating benefits is its integration with Windows 10 and Xbox One, which makes the streaming process a lot easier and more fun. In addition to this, Mixer is a lot more interesting to star players like Ninja revenue-wise. In fact, according to several insiders, moving to a new exclusive streaming home has netted the gaming star a shiny 7-figure deal. 

Ninja in Action: Your Point of View

What do you personally think of this news? Would you switch from Twitch to Mixer if you were Tyler Blevins, and the 7-figure-coated perks were involved? Come on, share your opinion with us in the comment section below, and let’s ponder if the ‘Ninja’ nickname does the guy justice in the long run.

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