Moving to iPhone? Think About These 3 Points!

Moving to iPhone? Think About These 3 Points! on Freepps Top Blog
Sooner or later, almost every Android user muses about possibly switching to the rival OS, namely iOS. Generally speaking, almost all the existing operating systems are alike and provide users with similar sets of functions. Though, it should be noted that there do exist several issues to be aware of before making a final decision. These are three most noticeable of them.

You could possibly do almost everything you like about your Android smartphone: root, install custom launchers or any third-party applications, and change almost everything that comes standard. This OS allows customizing a device to the highest level and making it a really unique one.

Unfortunately, you won’t have almost any choice after switching to iPhone. The only opportunities you’ll have to do with the user interface are the cosmetic ones (mainly, choosing wallpapers). Moreover, there is a strict list of applications you’ll be able to install and all of them are located in the Apple App Store.

Privacy and Security Issues

If we speak of the protection of personal data, iPhone is definitely a leader in a race. Any application should get your full permission. Moreover, the same app may require different amounts of permissions for iOS and Android, taking into account that the last one doesn’t work properly without a whole bunch of them.
One also has to be sure that any app you’re going to install comes from a reliable source. This is definitely a good thing as it allows avoiding malware.

Differences in Notifications

As an Android user, you may know that one may set the priority of notifications, turning off or at least minimizing less significant of them. Furthermore, you may clear all of them with a single tap or swipe. These features aren’t available for iPhone owners, but, fortunately, there are others equally interesting. For instance, you may mark it as done or respond to a notification without launching the relevant application.


To make the long story short, it’s worth mentioning that none of these OS is better or worse – they are just different. One is more open and customizable while the other is a close system, but with a bunch of its own advantages (high security, stability, significantly faster software updates for all devices, longer support of old models, etc.). Anyway, it takes time to get used to each of them.

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  • NT
    Nuclear Tactical Penguin
    6 years ago
    I Agreed with a lot of points (especially stability :P...And yes, hihq quality exclusive apps always start on iOs, or, well, more often), but I interesting, why iOs is more Secured, than Android? Both of them require a lot of permissions of every step user dioes...It's both unix-based, and how i understand, the same malware and spyware-vulnerable. Both like geolocation...Except that, good article.
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