Say "Hi" To Microsoft Selfie, New Editing App For iOS

Say "Hi" To Microsoft Selfie, New Editing App For iOS on Freepps Top Blog

Again, Microsoft is on top of app news with its innovation. Following its cross-platforming strategy, the company keeps promoting its services by releasing a new application for iOS devices. This time, it’s a photography-oriented editing app called Selfie, based on the age-guessing technology presented earlier.

Improve Your Photos with Microsoft Selfie App

The design of Microsoft Selfie is rather simple and user-friendly. Navigation within the app is intuitive and doesn’t require any additional manuals or instructions. So, how does it work? At first, you can either take a photo with one of your device’s cameras or choose it from the Gallery. The next step is making it perfect by reducing noise, changing the color scheme, adjusting brightness, etc. Also, you may apply one of 13 Instagram-like adjustable photo filters. What is more, you have an opportunity to get a perfect selfie by one tap only with the help of special technology, which analyzes your photo and such parameters as your skin tone, gender, age, peculiarities of the environment, etc. and makes automatic enhancements. Then, the pic may be shared via social nets of your choice.  

Noise Reducing and Filter Adjustment with iOS Selfie App

The app isn’t a brand-new one as Windows Phone users have been using a similar app called Lumia Selfie for six months already. Still, those who are interested in Selfie will find the app in the AppStore. Bear in mind that it’s not a lightweight one (about 60MB) and that it’s compatible with the 8th and later versions of iOS. So, if you’re going to make nice-looking portraits of yourselves but with a fresher and cleaner face, install this free app on your iPhone. Let’s hope the Android devices and their selfie-loving owners will get the same service soon.

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  • S
    2 years ago
    I was so surprised when I saw this article. I have never seen Microsoft apps on AppStore! Well, it's a good idea for girls who like take selfies.
  • M
    2 years ago
    Who would have thought that Microsoft will make apps for Apple. But it's cool and i'll test it.
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