Multi-Message Sending Coming To WhatsApp

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As Facebook attempts to turn WhatsApp into a number one texting application, users continue to receive more useful features. The recent update of the app brings us a new message-sending functionality and a different way of displaying your chats.

How can you benefit from the new features?

Multimessage and Frequent Chat Features

When it comes to multi-message sending feature, it is just what you expect from the name. With the help of this functionality, you are able to write a single message and send it out to several contacts or even entire group chats discreetly, thus saving your time. All you have to do to start using the feature is long-tap a contact of your choosing. Once you do that, you can tap all other contacts that you need and press the arrow button to send them as usual. If you often need to send the same information to your colleagues or friends, it’s definitely a feature that you will appreciate as it allows you to avoid endless copying and pasting of the same message.

Another change that you will notice in WhatsApp is that the “frequent chats” section has been placed above your “recent chats.” A lot of users may disagree with this update and prefer their messages sorted from the newest to oldest. If we compare this UI change to the similar one that was recently introduced to Messenger, it’s quite possible that it’s done for the reason of putting ads in the prominent position on the home screen, but will have to wait to find out. 

The features that we currently see introduced by the company are quite practical and far from ground-breaking. As you may know, the developers keep experimenting with video calling, gif support, and some other functions, which means that we can probably expect something more exciting in the near future.

Do you prefer WhatsApp to other messaging services? What do you think about this WhatsApp update? Feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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