Multiple Accounts, One Gap For Instagram On Android

Multiple Accounts, One Gap For Instagram On Android on Freepps Top Blog

Instagram's much-hyped recent move to support multiple accounts was welcomed by wide audiences. Now, the Android app itself welcomes privacy violators to have a peek.

Some Android users have already reported that they've been hit with notifications marked as private and direct messages sent to other people. Though these users do share mutual account access there's little comfort in such developments anyway.

For example, if it's a corporate account that you share with your coworkers chances are you'll get a chance to read their personal stuff instead of messages sent to the shared account. While you're most likely polite, educated and won't nose into someone's personal life not all people are the same.

Voyeurs won't be able to accomplish too much though as upon opening the notification they'll be taken to their private account due to the insufficient level of clearance.

My DM clearance is way above your pay grade, detective -

                                                         Madeliene White, Inside Man

Still, this constitutes a privacy violation issue as some of us just love giving away important plot points in the very title. Likewise, the snippets one will see may have private information not intended for sharing, as well as who you were sharing it with.

The users that this issued is sporadic and appears off and on. In a swift statement, Instagram confirmed that a fix is being developed as you read.

While you should always hope for the best, we would definitely recommend you delay sending sensitive media and text until further notice.

Has this issue affected you? Let us know in the comments!

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