MX Player For Android Reviewed: Sleek, Productive, Abbreviated

MX Player For Android Reviewed: Sleek, Productive, Abbreviated on Freepps Top Blog
Large phone screens with high resolutions allow transforming a mobile device into a portable cinema if needed. The smartphone makers try to do everything possible to please a user, offering him all the functions just “out of the box”. Still, questions like “How to watch a movie on Android?” or “A film won't playback/slows down on Android – what should I do?” aren’t rare phenomena on the Internet. It happens so because the built-in tools often provide only basic features and support limited codec packs. In such cases, the third-party “omnivorous” players come to help us. 

If you’re looking for something with a fresh interface and wide functionality, you’ve got the right address. We are going to tell you about MX Player, which is considered to be among the top ones. Let us examine it in details for knowing how to work with it.
Decoder Types Offered

MX Player is the first of its kind video player on Android to perform multi-core decoding. The tests showed up to 70% of performance increase over a single-core decoding. Its main function is playback of different types of video files, but the player may also be used for listening to music. 


There are two program variants, which differ by the presence/lack of advertising only. The latter is quite unobtrusive and located at the bottom of the screen, but if you would like to get rid of it, just pay a few dollars and be happy.
MX Player Interface Setting

MX Player may boast of  simple and intuitive interface with many themes offered. After opening the app we get to the library of files. They are presented as thumbnails for videos/audios, resembling the YouTube miniatures. In the upper right corner, one will see the Update button and a contextual menu hidden behind “three dots”. The last one shows options for searching, network streaming, sorting files, contacting support, and making settings.


We won’t prevaricate, if we say that setting the player is the most interesting its part. One will find a huge number of things for setting – just a real paradise for those who like to customize everything. So, read with caution and make everything as you want it to be.
Subtitles Settings

As for subtitles, the app offers a literary huge amount of settings connected with them. If it’s your thing, feel free to experiment. Do with them whatever you like. You can enable/disable the display of built-in subtitles, as well as choose your own folder to find them. Besides, one can customize the appearance by changing the parameters of the text (font, size, color, stroke, etc.) and style (position, indent, and background color). The flipping gesture on the subtitles text allows to switch between languages that is certainly useful, for example, in the studying of foreign languages. In general, we are pretty sure that developers aren’t indifferent to users in need of screen quoting and translation. 
Go to Settings for Audio Player Activation

Be aware of the fact that audio playback isn’t activated by default. So, if you are going to use MX Player for this purpose too, go to Settings – Audio – Use as Audio Player.  
Background playback is available for both video and audio types of files. If it’s enabled, you’ll be able to listen to audio even after leaving the app for doing some other operations on the screen.

And one more trick: if MX Player does not find the video, you need to show it all the folders for scanning, choosing “Recognize .nomedia”. The success rate will go through the ceiling then.

In case you’re confused or have done something wrong, tap the “Reset” button.
Control the Playback with Gestures


Almost every frequently repeated operation can be managed by gestures. So, you can adjust the volume by swiping up or down on the right side of the screen, and the brightness by doing the same on the left. Horizontal swiping allows to rewind a video forward or backward. Moving of two fingers in opposite directions activates zooming. 

Besides, other actions may also be set. For example, you can pause or just show the controls by a single tap. By the way, changing the decoding mode from Hardware to Software and vice versa is carried out with one button, too.

To protect the screen from being accidentally pressed while viewing a video or playing a song, there is a special “Lock” button.

The Final Word

MX Player is a perfect variant not for Android only but for every operating system. On Google Play it's a leader with the high rate of downloads – over 500 million times. The amazing flexibility and customization of the player can’t but buy even the most demanding user. It has a nice proportion of simplicity of use and powerful functionality, providing everyone with the best viewing experience. So, if you’ve never tried it on your device, now it’s a right time to do so.

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    Rose Silva
    5 years ago
    Thanks for the info.This is a good website.As i was browsing i found a website which gives us to develop a website like Netflix.
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  • G
    5 years ago
    I downloaded that app as soon as I bought a new mobile phone. There`s nothing better than watching movies)
  • a
    5 years ago
    I'd pay a few dollars to avoid ads. Without them my experience is better and more comfortable. I liked the program though
  • A
    5 years ago
    MX for Android is kinda great. I use only MX Player on my tablet and I've never ad any issues with it.
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    5 years ago
    Good and useful article!! Very much it was pleasant to me. Everything is extremely clear.
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    5 years ago
    I like this player! Very convenient and fast. Supports all popular formats. Installed on all of your devices on Android.
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