Nearly Not Enough Messengers For Yahoo, Presents Its Own, Users Angry

Nearly Not Enough Messengers For Yahoo, Presents Its Own, Users Angry on Freepps Top Blog
Those with a beard and a mortgage probably still remember the hype around Yahoo Messenger circa late '90s-00s. Well, it's now back from the dead, resurrecting again as a multiplatform app. 

Yahoo is clearly trying to keep the momentum produced by their recent Flickr upgrade. The online version, modestly supported by a limited range of browsers - mine has been left out, for example, will be retired within a timeframe broadly defined as "the next couple months".g

It's hard to expect something game changing from Yahoo Messenger as it's quite similar to a swarm of other messenger apps. You don't need a separate handle, your phone number or Yahoo account will do just fine.

The quirks that give a reason to try out yet another messaging app are outbound GIF search, enhanced photo sharing (cheers, Flickr!), and in-thread private messages. Also, if you change your mind about something you've said and decide to delete a sent message, Yahoo messenger will help you do it.

Yahoo has further plans to integrate the messenger into more services and apps, thus increasing the number of subscribers. 

The app received the update on Dec, 3rd and the users who opted in are clearly not happy. Many of them were infuriated and took it to the Play Store reviews and social media with angry posts like this from Srinidhi Rao: 
Absolutely junk!!! What are you trying to do Yahoo!? I mean seriously? I had an app that worked. You took it away & gave me something that doesn't work?? The new update has been trying to "organize my contacts" for the past 1 hour. Newsflash - I know how to organize my contacts on my phone better than you think you can. So how about giving the users some credit? Give back the old, simple, working app and we'll call it even.
Angry Users Pour Their Anger At Yahoo

Yahoo were swift to respond to some users and promised to fix the issue ASAP.
Yahoo | December 3, 2015
Lisa, very sorry for the inconvenience. We are aware that some Contacts are not showing up, we are working on a fix ASAP. Thanks for your patience.
Let the hate flow through you

We hope it all goes well for Yahoo and the users. Are you interested in trying the new app yourself? Share in the comments below!

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    5 years ago
    Oh, this is awful. I'm already having problems with chatting in 3 messengers.. Hope my friends won't use it :D
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