Netflix for iOS Reviewed: Watch Now, Chill Later

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The XX century gave birth to all known types of TV. The first analogue monochrome TV was invented in the 1930s, color TV became popular in 1950s, and in 1997 here came Netflix. From distributing DVD videos, the company switched to online distribution and video-on-demand services. Yes, the Internet of 1999 already supported that. And in the 2000s it became a real TV provider, with a large pack of shows to broadcast and its own production studios.

If you have ever seen The House of Cards or Orange is the New Black you should thank (or blame) Netflix. The company also works with major and mini-major producers and distributes their shows. It’s Marvel, Disney, some other companies that started (or continued) their projects, especially for Netflix. That’s who we should thank for Jessica Jones, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and some other shows (hey, Netflix, there’s still Firefly pending!)

Today Netflix generates about 33 percent of all US traffic (especially in the evening). Video on demand gains more popularity while DVD distribution becomes a niche business.

How could such a progressive company keep from going mobile? No way. Now the official Netflix app is available for mobile devices. They allow you to watch Netflix videos directly on the screen of your phone or tablet or watch it on your TV screen via Apple TV (even if your TV hasn’t been authorized).Want to watch your Netflix no matter where you are, not restricted by your home TV? There’s you-know-what for that!

Little TV inside

The interface of the app is as simple as an old pre-digital TV. After registering (or entering your login and password) you see the content lists with covers, brief descriptions and watching options. There are different iPhone and iPad version, with mote content displayed by the latter. Generally iPad is a better kind of device to watch HQ videos (Netflix provides a wide range of streaming formats up to Super HD).

What do you prefer? Drama and detective? Stand-up comedy? Documentaries? Animation and teen shows? There’s a great line of Netflix exclusive proposition you can watch on demand. No need to hurry home in fear of missing a new episode. The beginning is when you sit back and push the button.

If you already have a subscription you can start watching immediately. Even a 3G connection would do for watching but beware of your data plan maxing, and 4G or Wi-Fi suit much better. There’s a built-in search system that helps you to enter the name and jump straight to the show you’re searching for.

A built-in streaming player is an integral part of the Netflix app. Just push Play button on the episode’s page and you’ll see it open in full-screen mode. Like in most players you can control the playback with dropout Play and Pause buttons, control volume from the screen and select quality. If you stopped watching before the end, the episode will be displayed on your waiting list.

Well, the TV screen doesn’t have to remain little. If you have an Apple TV (or some your friends do) you can watch Netflix content on a large TV screen via Apple TV. And it doesn’t matter if this TV is authorized to watch Netflix channel: it’s your iDevice authentication that matters. Streaming is as smooth as your Internet connection allows.

You can have up to five profiles active on the same account and the same device. It’s a family feature that allows all members to have their own preferences. Every member can have his/her own selection and access to Netflix content (maybe with age restrictions).

Not all over the world

Unfortunately, there are geographical restrictions. Generally, Netflix works in American countries (USA, Canada, Brazil, all Latin American countries), the European Union, some Pacific countries (Australia, New Zealand and more). Some more countries are about to be connected in 2016.

It seems that Netflix has issues with localization rather than with the law. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t work in most ex-USSR countries, Arabic countries, Turkey, Iran, India, Black Africa, Greece. This would require localization of most content like translating into Chinese, Arabic, Russian, other languages. No wonder the company began with English- and Spanish-speaking markets and then expanded into other languages (Portuguese, German and others). Today Netflix and its content is available in 13 European languages.

Free, you said?

It seems a bit strange to review Netflix among free apps and services. We all know that it’s basically commercial. You only have one month to try and appreciate the service for free. And then (if you like it) you can switch to paid subscription.

But the app itself is formally free and it’s up to you whether to subscribe. Maybe a trial month subscription will be enough for you to decide you don’t need it. If you like it and want to know the prices you can read them on Netflix official site.

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    5 years ago
    I like watching tv, but I don't like to a lot of advertising there. Lucky there's a different way to watch your favourite shows
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    5 years ago
    The cool thing is that I started to use Netflix less than a month ago, but be sure to buy the paid version, when the free ends. It is very convenient to watch shows when you're not at home.
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