Netflix Launches Its Own Speed Test, No Fines Attached

Netflix Launches Its Own Speed Test, No Fines Attached on Freepps Top Blog

Netflix does rock when it comes to streaming quality shows, but to know what your customers need, you have to be able to gauge the speed of their connection. Behold, there's one more tool for it now.

Fast, which is a proper name, was developed in-house by Netflix and it's extremely minimal, to quote Monty Python here.

Netflix states that the service is here for a bigger cause.

We want our members to have a simple, quick, commercial-free way to estimate the speed their ISP is providing.

The website itself loads really fast and comes ad-free. The speed of the service shouldn't come as a surprise as there's literally nothing else to take away the juice.

Aside from that, there's a Netflix logo present and a frequently asked questions section.

If you're not impressed with your results, you can always double-check them by pinning Fast against Speedtest, which is linked right there under the humongous digits of your score.

This looks like upping the ante against internet service providers, as the website quirkily hints that your ISP may provide you with a less speedy connection that you have paid for.

Expect to see links to popping up over Netflix offerings soon.

There is no news with regards to the app offered mobile users, so it's all magic and expectations for now.

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