Netflix Users in Troubles with Streaming All Over the U.S.

Netflix Users in Troubles with Streaming All Over the U.S. on Freepps Top Blog

If you recently have tried to watch a show or a movie on Netflix and got stuck into an HTP-500 error, it’s not your particular problem. This happens almost all over the U.S. Not that it makes the situation easier, but at least you definitely know you have to search for an alternative.

In particular, connectivity issues have been faced by users in Texas, California, and Pacific Northwest states. The first reports appeared at 12:30 P.M. When subscribers tried to stream content from Netflix, they got nothing but the HTP-500 error code. It said that the problem was with Netflix servers.

smartphone with opened netflix app and dropped popcorn

Netflix support, on their behalf, admitted the issue was on their side. This was published on the official Netflix site, as well as on Twitter. By the moment we’re publishing this, Netflix team is already fixing the problem. Chances are that by the moment you’re reading this everything is alright with streaming.

Probably this is not the last time Netflix is down. Social distancing will cause people to sit at home and stream more content during the next months, thus overloading the facilities. Let’s hope Netflix will be this quick to react the next time it happens.

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