New Add-Ons To Google Docs And Sheets

New Add-Ons To Google Docs And Sheets on Freepps Top Blog

Google continues to improve and extend its Docs and Sheets application to make it more versatile and powerful as opposed to just a convenient document viewer. Thanks to the update, you now have an opportunity to install a variety of add-ons for the office utilities from Google.

How can you benefit from the new add-ons?

Nine add-ons currently available in the Docs and Sheets app

To put it simply, the Android add-ons are the services that enable better integration of the Docs and Sheets from Google with various third-party apps. For example, if you need to have the document signed, now you have a chance to do so with the help of the Docusign add-on. Some other add-ons that you can use include Scanbot OCR (harvesting text from the documents), AppSheet (exporting sheets to the apps that you’re developing), and others. You can download the mentioned add-ons from the Google Play collection or install them on your device from the add-on menu of the Docs and Sheets. There is a chance that such improvement of the Docs and Sheets app will attract more users and ensure that those who have already installed the app will be more inclined to use it in the future.

Currently, Google has partnered with eight companies in order to develop integrations for the office tools and third-party software, but they are still open to cooperation with more developers that are able to offer more useful add-ons. At the Developer website of Google, you can find more information about such cooperation if you’re interested in integration between the Google office products and your application.

Are you an active user of Docs and Sheets? Do you find the new add-ons useful? We’ll be happy to read about your experience with the app in the comments below.

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