New App Allows iOS Users To Track Body Temperatures

New App Allows iOS Users To Track Body Temperatures on Freepps Top Blog

Have you ever felt like you were burning up, despite having a normal body temperature? Do you know someone who always has a temperature higher or lower than everyone else yet still feels normal

Facing these questions can be confusing because we tend to think of specific temperatures as clear signs that something is wrong or vice versa.

However, there is still a lot that we don’t know about temperature, so circumstances like the ones described above won’t always be explained.

Fortunately, there are plenty of smart and talented individuals researching the topic, and you can chip in yourself if you have an iPhone or another compatible iOS device.

The Feverprints app was developed recently, but already shows promise in how much it can achieve. Developed by the Boston’s Children Hospital, this app serves two purposes. Firstly, it collects users’ body temperature for research and medical applications. 

Feverprints appFeverprints app

By looking at comprehensive data from people of different ages, nationalities, health states, and treatment regimens, doctors can gather a treasure trove of data about how our bodies heat up and cool down. 

It is important to note that Feverprints does not measure your temperature, but organizes your day so that you remember to measure it yourself under the right conditions.

The app is free, so there should be plenty of altruists and well-wishers who won’t mind spending a few minutes measuring their temperature over the course of a day, given that their tiny sacrifice makes a difference in the future.

Track Your Ups And Downs

Even if you are not inclined to do this easy task for the sake of others, Feverprints can help you monitor your own temperature changes and learn valuable information about patterns and changes. All user data is anonymous, so there is no chance of it being sold or used by third parties. 

 Feverprints organizes your day so that you remember to measure it yourself under the right conditions.

Joining the study requires signing a consent form, but even if you choose not to. You will be able to access Feverprint’s other features, including creating your own temperature profile, factoring in medication, and monitoring illnesses.

Feverprints takes its name from a term in medical slang. To be specific, fever prints are fever patterns – changes in body temperature when the body deals with a disease.

Despite thousands of years in the pursuit of medical knowledge, there are still many doctors do not know about fevers and body temperature changes, but this simple app may just bring much-needed progress.

Have you already tried Feverpoints? Share your experience in the comments below!

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  • D
    1 year ago
    Wow! I want to test it. Temperature is one of the most important indicators of humans health.
  • S
    1 year ago
    I think we don't need to check the body temperature on the daily basis, but if I get cold, I am pretty sure I should install this app.
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