New Apple's Patent To Avoid Autocorrect Disasters

New Apple's Patent To Avoid Autocorrect Disasters on Freepps Top Blog

All iPhone users know just how wrong the autocorrect can be. While it is quite funny when you exchange the messages with your friends, it can sometimes become truly disastrous if you’re talking to someone important. What’s even worse is when you don’t notice your mistake until later on.

How can the latest patent improve the situation?

At the moment, iOS devices underline the words you misspell with a red line so that you can notice your mistake before sending. 

With the help of the latest patent, you will also see a blue line indicating an autocorrected word, thus making it more obvious. What is interesting is that the person who receives the messages will also see that the word has been changed, but wouldn’t be able to read the original one.

Those who don’t want to get into trouble and like to type as quickly as possible will certainly appreciate this new feature from the developers. 

No more autocorrect fails

After all, most of us are used to typing quite fast while ignoring the misspelled words, which get autocorrected whichever way your device decides. 

Hopefully, with the new addition, autocorrect fails will not be such a common thing, even though they are extremely entertaining.

What is your opinion on the new feature? Have you ever had any awkward situations caused by autocorrect? Share your experience in the comments. 

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