New Changes To Be Introduced To Pokemon Go

New Changes To Be Introduced To Pokemon Go on Freepps Top Blog

Recently, ComicCon has become a place to bring together the fans and developers to discuss the future of the favorite apps. John Hanke, the founder of the well-known phenomenon Pokémon Go, has also shared his thoughts on the incredible popularity of the game and gave us a sneak into which changes we can expect in a few months.

Is Pokémon Go here to stay?

Pokemon Go Game

While the Pokémon Go has become an instant hit among users since the day it became available for downloads, the novelty of the game is starting to wear off in the United States. This process is only natural as the majority of people who wanted to play the game probably already did and maybe even got bored of it. At this point, the goal of developers is to keep people excited about Pokémon Go. Another important issue that’s still on the agenda of developers is making sure that the servers work without crashing due to how many people play the game every single day.

Some of the suggestions offered to the Niantic team included the opportunities to breed pocket monsters, enhanced training options, and in-game trading. According to Hanke, the team is currently interested in adding healing Pokéstops to the app. Another thing that the company noticed is the way some players modify the purposes of the Pokéstops with the help of lure modules, and the team is interested in introducing more customization opportunities. Hanke noted that changing the functions of the Pokéstops by acquiring specific objects is definitely a great idea.

When it comes to the future popularity of the game, it will be interesting to see how many people will continue playing it over time. The new features like the ones mentioned by John Hanke are essential to ensure that people will still want to run around their cities in hopes to catch all their favorite monsters.

Are you an active player of Pokemon Go? If so, which further changes would you like to see in the app? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.  


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