New Emojis, Rio Highlights In Twitter

New Emojis, Rio Highlights In Twitter on Freepps Top Blog

With the Olympic Games coming up, some companies decided to make the experience more pleasant for those who won’t be able to attend this event in person. While you can always watch the sports you’re interested on TV, you may not always have the time or may want to watch certain moments again. With the help of Twitter, you will be able to not only discuss the Rio Olympics with other fellow fans but also watch video highlights and live content.

What can you expect from Twitter during the Olympic Games?

Meet Rio Emojis in Twitter

If you don’t want to miss any important information from the Rio Olympics, and you want to get all the latest news as fast as possible, then Twitter is a place to be. By following the newest section called Rio 2016 in Moments, which is a curated news feed of Twitter, you will be aware of everything that’s happening during the Olympic Games. Also, Twitter provides its users with dedicated feeds for the most prominent sports events and tweets that are specific to different countries. The updated Moments will become available in United Kingdom, Canada, U.S., Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, France, and Germany.

If you’re used to discussing various events on Twitter, you will also get an opportunity to use a huge number of new emojis to showcase your support. Currently, there are more than 200 new emojis for you to use, including flags, which you can enable by putting a hashtag before the name of the country. Also, you can add more than 50 various sports emojis to your posts that should be typed along with the hashtags #Olympics and #Rio2016. Such hashtags that can trigger the emojis are available in a number of languages, including Spanish, English, and French.

In addition to the mentioned features, Twitter will provide its users with video highlights, and a new Olympics channel will be created on Periscope. Also, in the Explore section of Vine, you will be able to enjoy the content related to the Rio Olympics.

Are you excited to watch the Olympic Games? Do you plan on using Twitter to watch videos and discuss the events? Share your experience with the new features in the comments below.


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