New Encryption Options May Come to Facebook Messenger Soon

New Encryption Options May Come to Facebook Messenger Soon on Freepps Top Blog

For millions of users, Facebook Messenger has become the go-to texting app. Even though most of us were reluctant to install it after years of using the original Facebook message service, Messenger has won over a large portion of the social media service’s users, and it keeps improving.

Although it can only be used through an internet connection, users find this app convenient because it allows them to effortlessly chat with and message their friends, colleagues, and contacts. 

The whole experience is filled with plenty of useful and entertaining options, such as emoji, file sharing, and even phone calls. Despite this wealth of features, some users feel that it is still missing something – secure encryption. If a new report covered in The Guardian is to be believed, the company is already taking steps to solve this problem.

Here are some of the details mentioned in the article:

“The social media company plans to release an optional encrypted communications mode for its Messenger app, which is used by more than 900 million people. The system will let users deploy so-called end-to-end encryption meant to block both authorities and Facebook from reading users’ texts. Such technology has become more widespread in the post-Edward Snowden era as the technology industry tries to assuage fears about prying eyes in both the government and Silicon Valley headquarters.”

End-to-end encryption is not a new phenomenon, and has already set the bar for big communication services like WhatsApp, Viber, and iMessage. If Facebook moves forward with these plans, it will have caught up to these popular services and improved its record on privacy. Let’s face it – Facebook is known for selling out user data to create targeted advertising, and many people view this as a breach of privacy.

Facebook Messenger will be more secure

As much as this may irk us, there are a few alternatives to the behemoth known as Facebook, and we have no choice but to grudgingly put up with it. Though there is little hope that the practice will cease, users will now have the option of communicating with the same people in their friend lists without worrying about their private data falling into the wrong hands. 

Facebook may have a poor track record with privacy, but this kind of update to Messenger could be the first step towards mending fences, as well as a move that will certainly boost activity. 

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